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Ostara is right around the corner and we're looking forward to our annual chocolate bunny sacrifice. We love sending good energy out into the world and thanking the spirits for what they do. A little appreciation can really go a long way.

The first fuzzy thread to emerge from a seed in search of the nutrition that will grow a healthy plant.
Roots break rocks, tear down mountains and by binding loose soils, build them up again.
I have roots. I come from a long line of agricultural specialists, a.k.a. farmers. People with dirt on their hands and feet that grow food in synchronization with seasonal cycles.
So how do I get from plant roots to the roots of wisdom? We are all rooted to something, whether it is recent past, long past, before our time, or the day after tomorrow.
Fortunately, unlike plants, we can re-root ourselves in more nutritious environments.

Had a great time at the Native American Art show at the Merchandise Mart this weekend. Met a lot of wonderful people and saw some fantastic dancing. There was a lot of great music going on. Seeing Brule for the first time blew my mind away. The sound balance was off, but that didn't pull away from the wonderful dancers.

Welcome to Roots of Wisdom. I would like to keep this as a fun and supportive place to share life experiences, mystical journeys, and personal walks. I don't support any one true way since paths are as different as the people that walk them. Discussions are more than welcome, as are teachings. I also appreciate good humor, we need more of it. 

Most of the art I post will be my own work, I am a graphic artist as well as a shaman and a farmer. This is not about self promotion, but some things need visual representations. 

Be welcome, be open, and blessed be to all. 

There is never a moment when "nothing" is happening.
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