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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 | Goku Ultimate Form VS Jiren Full Power | Update 2017

oml, I actually found this ahaha-

hello everyone! Im Ash, the owner of this community HOWEVER, im a stupid person and forgot to pass the owner ship of all my communities to someone...

so im back x3

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Name: Felicity Andrews
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Human/Angel
Crush: Merrick (Merrick the Zoroark's OC)
Lover: None
Tail colour: No tail
Ear colour: No neko ears
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Skin colour: White
Jewelry: Pearl necklace
Other: Can toggle her wings out and in, favorite food is cake, has a stare that can freeze anyone in a block of ice (The effect lasts for about 7-10 years)
Personality: Nice, outgoing, bubbly, strong,
Ranking/Job: Fighter
Skill: Defense
Weapon: Sword
Kin: Her stepbrother, Barry and her sister, Hariet
Friends: Her sister Hariet (She does not have many friends)
Clothes: White gown, pearl necklace
Bio: At the age of 5, Felicity's parents left her and her siblings with a fragile elderly woman to go into war. They died during the war. Her mother was told to find a hidden bomb in an old, breaking down hospital if she didn't want anything to happen to her husband...she did not find it in time...Her father was locked in a small, dark house where he was told to find a hidden grenade if he wanted him and his childrens' caretaker to stay alive....he did not. The mysterious murderer killed her father as well as the elderly woman. The children were left to find a caretaker on their own. Luckly, they found a tribe of angels, residing in the wilderness. They raised the children into who they are today, and they picked up the angel aspect of the tribe. Felicity now lives in vigil to avenge her mother and father someday and kill the mysterious criminal who viciously murdered them....

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Name: Kyrria
age: 18... maybe... in vampire aging
lover: None
Crush: none
scales: None
horns: None
appearance: see pic
personality: Dark, and curious. Has an strong will to survive
Kin: Only survivor is her aunt, who she tries to support in every way possible.
friends: A few friends from childhood, but they are scattered.
skill: Hunting, investigation, finding things, blending into the crown, passing off as a human etc.
job: hunter
weapons: poison, daggers, and occasional bow and arrows
Bio: Lost most of her family but her aunt in the war. managed to gat a job as a hunter.

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