How about some automation, for example something a-la-cron?
- configurable polling timeout to reduce wakelocks; maybe use events/alarms?
- terminology same as linux cron & saved to /sdcard/t-ui/crontab

Possible extensions:
- not limit to the launching of apps, but also be able to specify activities

Implement "bookmarks"

For example:
$ bm -s URL (save URL as bookmark in /sdcard/t-ui/bookmarks.xml or txt)
$ bm -l (list bookmarks)

Possible extensions:
$ bm -c BOOKMARK_CATEGORY (folder) -s URL
Saving happens either to different files, for example:
- /sdcard/t-ui/bookmarks_category1.xml
- /sdcard/t-ui/bookmarks_category2.xml
- /sdcard/t-ui/bookmarks_youtubevids.xml
- /sdcard/t-ui/bookmarks_githubrepos.xml
- etc ...

XML structure:
<url=http://... />
<url=http://... />

Extend search feature for bookmarks:
$ search -bm REGEX
The output should be clickable, same as the command history in the main window (maybe also show in which category the URL was found)

It's useful if you add a toolbar button for clear cmd.

can i set double click to lauche app form notification?

can i have weather please?

Hey, thank you for making this very awesome launcher, I can honestly say it is the best out there!

One thing I would love to see at some point is
"top" or "htop" for real time view of the system
"ps" for runing processes

Keep up the great work!

Any chance of tasker integration?

Would be nice to have date and time as separate parameters, so I could remove the date from input_format, but keep at the top of my screen.

I hope in tui can display internet speed and carrier operator.

Is it possible to implement clickable notifications. Suppose i got notification from whatsapp. Then clicking on the notification in tui has to open whatsapp.
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