T-UI doesn't seem to recognize a few apps, which means you can't launch them.
This bug is not correlated with platform/device as I tested on a Huawei p8max, ASUS Zenfone 3 Deluxe, Nexus 9, Samsung A5 (2016).

1: Huawei Contacts
2: apps creating different activities/shortcuts:
- missing Verse launching
- missing "Mail" launching

Other launchers detect the launcher shortcuts fine.

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I was hoping to add an alias for "search" as "s" and use it to search (with -g as set by default in tuisettings) .

And great work!

Hi! It will be great if having only 1 suggestion and tap enter will launch this suggestion, as i think.

is not all gnu comand support? Where i may to know which comand support?
I like this launcher. Tnx

I'm having an issue where my keyboard is covering the suggestions; any ideas how I can get it sit below the suggestions when i'm typing? Thanks

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Changelog: 5.2.1

- bugfix
- you can now use hw keyboards without problems (hopefully)

Apps that have more than one launcher icon don't work well with T-UI. For example, XDA Labs (http://www.xda-developers.com/xda-labs) has an option to enable another icon to launch the app directly to the "Forums" section rather than "Labs," but, when enabled, "XDA Labs" isn't found by T-UI. "XDA Forums" is, but it launches XDA Labs... Meanwhile, other launchers show both icons and they both work respectively.

A workaround to launch XDA Forums I found is
*su am start -a com.xda.labs.ForumLauncher -n com.xda.labs/com.xda.labs.ForumLauncher*

Can i play | pause track if not root my phone? What responsible command?

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When attempting to activate the flash, the error message comes up saying there was a problem connecting to the camera. This happens when using the alias for flash, and the command itself. 
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