Also if you could add a feature similar to call but for texting 

Hi everybody. I am using version 5.3 beta and I was wondering, how do you change the default color of the notifications? Right now they are currently red, but I would like to change that at some point. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. 

Hi, anyone know how to use the 'shellcomnands' the function
When I type it and then a space and then try to type anything after it, the launcher force stops

Lovin' T-UI 5.3 BETA

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T-UI 5.3b BETA

Yesterday I forgot to tell you that you can now call a contact that has more than one phone numbers. Just long click on the suggestion of that contact, and select the right number.

There's also a new command: exit

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Hey there. I'm back! Sorry for the delay. I had many problems in the last months. I don't think you really want to know what, so I'll go on.

This is the beta version of t-ui 5.3. It could have many bugs, but it's quite stable. Anyway, let me know if you find something bad and ugly.


- new command: location
- new command: cntcts

- you can now select a suggestion clicking on the spacebar two or more times (this behavior is currently in alpha, if you have something to tell me about this please TELL ME!)

- new command: notifications
- you can now read your notifications from T-UI. THIS COULD SUDDENLY STOP WORKING. I found many messages from developers telling that their apps aren't receiving notification due to an Android bug
to enable set readNotifications to true in settings.txt

- ping and top are working now
- fullscreen works well now (hopefully)

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Hi !

There any solution to open an url with Firefox directly ?

Like :


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When i lock the phone taping on the screen i cant unlock it using the finger print reader. I have a nexus 5x, no root. Anyone know how to fix that or its a bug? 

I'm having a strange problem. I installed t-ui on my Wiki Fever on Android 6.0. It works fine and I love the shell, but as soon as I turn my phone off, I don't have any launcher any more after the restart. I have to switch back to the built-in launcher. Then uninstall and reinstall t-ui. Now it works again, but only until I turn my phone off again.

Turning GPS and Location on and off (root)

GPS_On=su settings put secure location_providers_allowed gps

GPS_Off=su settings put secure location_providers_allowed ' '
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