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New beta: 6.2

- bugfix
- new command: music
- [7.0+] you can now use the t-ui notification to use commands

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(phone music player) Just finished working on a mod/feature i thought was necessary :D
Nice app keep up the good work :)
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+Francesco Andreuzzi
Current sms function is awesome. It just less sercurity and private because sms' contents always display. So, could you hide the contents
or replace it with stars (like this: "Your sms is hidden" or ***** ) ?

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A small feature request...
A command that like the 'search', but for google translate, with parameter is from-language, to-language, and a string to translate. Or maybe just omit from-language and leave it for google to find out itself. From there we can set up aliases to quickly have a translation. I find it quite useful... just don't know how others think.
And may I prepare this link for you if you mind to make this happen?{{1stLanguage}}&tl={{2ndLanguage}}&q={{string}}

Well... mobile friendly.

My english skill may not make sense sometimes, sorry about that :D

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not sure what this is... I was about to start Firefox (typed 'fire' then touched the 'Firefox' result) when the whole phone became unresponsive. I did a hard-reboot, and was greeted with the uninstall messages in the screenshot.
is this something I need to be worried about? or is it just Google cleaning up?

Has anybody else been having stability issues? My app is up to date, but I find between 3:30 PM - 4 PM almost every day, T-UI stops responding. I often don't receive an Android message to crash the program, either... it just stops working and I have to resort to Google Now to launch apps.

My phone is pretty full of programs and junk, so maybe it's just me. I just wanted to reach out to see if anybody else was having issues like this before I dug too far into trying to pinpoint the problem on my phone.

+Francesco Andreuzzi - is there any way to have T-UI log the text to a file? It might make debugging things easier.

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My tui launcher is launching again, thanks +Francesco Andreuzzi

Can I make font if time bigger then other?

Dude, your launcher is awesome! Truly the best for me. But I have some questions.

1) How i can set SD card information storage on desktop? Now i see only internal storage info.
2) When i lock the screen by double-tapping on desktop, after unlock, i can't use fingerprint, only password. How i can fix it?
3) I get desktop notification only from PlayStore, not other apps. How i can get it?
Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 7.0.

Thank you!
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