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For everyone who's having problems with RSS reader:

This explains how to fix every problem that you could face using this new feature

Na versão beta quando digita algum comando duplica a 1° letra após digitar a 2°.
Tem como corrigir nos arquivos .xml?

well after upgrading to the latest version am sure its the better test. and all my three devices, i noticed that it automatically doubles the first character i type for example if i type "apps" its going to do this "aapps" doubling the first letter. I don't know if this is a feature or a bug. or if anybody else has experienece it, but i just had to backdate on my main device to be able to use it.

Any chance of tasker integration?

After i Update to the latest Version , it didn't show any notification in tui .. in last version i don't have a problem with notifications

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how do I change the font size notification?

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Pls help how can i remove /hide this keyboard notification

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Hey all!

Really new to this...
What does this mean?
Android: null --- null


Is there any reason for not having just one config.xml file instead of 10 xml files and a .txt file?

Would be nice to have date and time as separate parameters, so I could remove the date from input_format, but keep at the top of my screen.
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