Hi, is there any way to download a font.ttf and use it on t-ui without having to change the system font?

I use the "uninstall" command a lot. Before the previous release(s) I just had to type "un" to make it appear first in the list. But now it doesn't appear at all. Bug or intentional?

New stable release!

Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zqav3vE2iepXRnTcECKHEMbstJwGQqcG

I'm leaving Italy for some days abroad tomorrow. I won't be able to write new code, so there won't be bugfix until Friday.
Have fun with the new release

Having a but with the music player where if I start a video or a call while the music is playing and come back to it the music won't play until a restart is performed

How do I take the stats of the screen

New beta

Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13OjCOcfycynrKr4-cy_zgFmmObLFCaEJ

- bugfix
- suggestions.xml -> [file_suggestions_minrate, app_suggestions_minrate, contact_suggestions_minrate, song_suggestions_minrate]

Unable to delete file with spaces in name via command line, as t-ui treats each word as a separate string.
"open" command line properly parses the same file/filename.

how to set wallpaper for t-ui launcher

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It is possible the weather will be seen in the launcher

Is there any way to lock the phone and unlock using password within that application? I mean something similar to a cell phone blocker but in the T-UI itself
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