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Hey folks!  Don't miss this very special public talk by Acharya Lobel happening this Friday at 7 p.m. at the Union Project (Stanton & Negley Ave)!  But space is filling quickly - please be sure to register online:

Often we have been slaves of ourselves, as everybody knows very well. You should do something about that. You should never become a slave of yourself; that is the worst slavery of all. The United States of America has achieved freedom from external slavery. That is fantastic! Great! But what about the internal slavery inspired by democracy? By promoting the democratic ideals of individual freedom and individual salvation, and by trying to help others sociologically and politically from the point of view of ego-centeredness, we have actually achieved imprisonment. If a political group would like to put in its two cents’ worth to promote the cause of freedom from self and how we can free ourselves from ourselves, that should rouse the biggest cry, the biggest proclamations, and the biggest demonstrations, with posters and everything!

The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma vol III

"In the hinayana, pratyekabuddhas feel that their ability to cut the karmic chain reactions is an achievement. But in fact, although they have managed to cut through the chain reactions of karma, in the process they have created further chain reactions. So their achievements and accomplishments are good for them, and at the same time they are bad for them. In the mahayana, bodhisattvas engage in the world, but they are unable to immerse themselves in their world actually and fully because they are still fixated on being religious. So it is as though they were walking on ice instead of walking on rock."

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma vol II

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Compelling scientific evidence of the effect of human consciousness, music, prayer, etc on the molecular structure of water.   I encourage you to explore this site thoroughly!!  May all beings benefit.

"It is a cultural habit, particularly in the Western world, to look for a change of mood so that every event in your life is a surprise. In England, even though you know that you are going to have four o’clock tea, when the maid actually comes with the tea, everybody says, “Ah, there comes the maid with the tea! Let’s have tea! Please help yourselves to the cake!” When dinner comes, “It’s dinnertime!” It is as if the unfinished or badly handled part of your late-afternoon life has been cheered up by having dinner, so life is worth living once more. Then it’s bedtime. “You should get some sleep! You could have cocoa or hot milk, if you like! Have pleasant dreams!” And in the morning, when you wake up, they say, “Did you have a good night? Here is breakfast! Have some fruit juice!” There is always another shift of gear, a constant attempt to please, the pathetic gesture of trying to cheer oneself up each moment. It is like climbing a staircase: when you come down the staircase, you have to climb back up, then you come down again and climb back up and come back down. In this approach, you never face life. Not only is it pathetic, it drives people mad.

As far as we are concerned, life is a big blanket. It covers everything, and although there may be occasional bumps, it is still a blanket. Awareness is a big blanket, too. It is good and healthy all the way, so we do not have to scale down and then cheer ourselves up, back and forth. In our approach, drinking a cup of tea in the late afternoon is not a lifesaver, it’s just drinking a cup of tea in the afternoon. Having dinner is a slightly bigger deal, I must admit, but it is still just eating dinner, not a particularly extraordinary event. We have lost the meaning of celebration and ceremony by holding those little ceremonies, which are not real ceremonies, but simply attempts to cheer ourselves up."

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma
Vol 1 Path of Individual Liberation

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"Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it's not a problem to you personally."

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ooh first post.. this is a photo i took as a 2 minute exposure in total darkness while "painting" my statue with a flashlight.  
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