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#Giveaway  200w wifi intelligent led grow light LuminiGrow 200R1, timer and dimmer, spectrum is customizable. #indoorgrow   #Cannabis   #hydroponics   #Marijuanna   #growyourown   #greenhouse  
To win this LED you must:
1. Subscribe to this Channel
2. Comment below on this video with the plant you'll grow and one number between 1~1000.
Welcome to enter this contest and win yourself a wonderful Christmas gift!^_^

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Lumini Grow System newest model, LuminiGrow 450R1. Using the most advanced DMX intelligent control technology. #light
1. Full spectrum from UV to IR. High PAR performance up to 530 PAR (90cm)
2. 4 channels separately control, each has a timer and dimmer, 8 independent light timers pattern meet user's timing demand.
3. VEG, UVB, Bloom, full spectrum working mode. meet the plant growth.
4. Use UL approved Meanwell driver, integrated power, more safe.
5. Microcomputer control the spectrum and basis the plant growing period supply exactly spectrum.
6. Daisy chain tech. let Multiple of lamps connect together by one Smart controller.
7. Constant voltage and constant current technology to protect LEDs.
8. 100% modular designed, low cost maintance.
9. Customize kinds of color band by users self.
10. Advanced heatsink cooling and PWM tech control fan to dissipate, control of fan's speed and noise, extending lifespan.
Specification-LuminiGrow 450R1
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