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Within three hours of the Butte Fire starting, everyone's first expected event happened - the power went out. The fire damaged transmission lines and a substation that services our area. Whether PG&E turned it off or the fire did, doesn't matter. It wasn't until Friday afternoon that the lights started coming back on. Sunday I found out why. PG&E had trucked-in 8 generators. Yes folks, each one of those trailers is a diesel generator. I haven't been able to get first-hand info yet, but I've been told combined output is over 3 Megawatts and the fuel consumption rate is around 200 gals/hour. But this is why our lights are on. They must be expecting this to go a while. I, for one, appreciate the effort it takes to do this. I love the scale of this. I will post a video to try and give you an idea of how it sounds. It is similar to what you hear from a railroad engine sitting still. I would suspect they are similar in size.
PG&E Now Means Pine Grove Electric
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Here's a short sample of how the group of generators sounds.

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Ii've been following wildfires for a few years via Google Earth.

You can add large fires in California to your Google Earth by using the link found here: under "Current" in "Large INcidents"

You want to add that link to GE by right-clicking on "My Places", and click "Add" and "Network link"

You will then get a set of pins on the map of California for active large fire incidents.

The pins will be red for fires that are active and not contained, and blue for incidents that are contained (eventually they disappear when the incident is closed) and if you mouse over one you'll see a description of the fire something like:

Report Date: 07/31/2015
Latitude: 38.514
Longitude: -122.131
Fire Location: N/A
Fire Size: 8051 acres (3258.1 ha)
Percent Contained: Unknown 
Expected Containment: Unknown
Fire Type: Other
Team Type: Incident Management Team - Type 1
See for more information

The web source of the data is here:

There's also a PDF incident report produced daily (mostly daily during fire season, occasionally more than once/day) at this link (which appears in the description of each fire on the map, if you mouse over the pin for that fire)

That report is here:


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Interesting demo of the limits of a cheap multimeter (many of you probably have this meter at home)

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Setting up on Friday took some time but it made Saturday go a lot smoother
Party Pardee
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The Dot Map for Party Pardee is in!  This is where all of you who were in Sag wagons today were driving around the course.

This data is relayed from our digipeaters (the stars on the map) to the Internet via relay to my house in Volcano.  Every red dot represents a position where a sag wagon was present at some time during the day.  The lines connect the dots in order and mostly are the paths taken.

These maps are analyzed to determine where to place the Digipeaters to cover the course (where there are gaps)

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Field Day 2014 with the Boy Scouts ~ Photos by Nancy O'Gorman
Field Day with the Scouts, June 27-28, 2014
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I came across this little jewel and thought I would share it. A great reference sheet courtesy of N3BUO.

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Party Pardee Bike Ride, April 5, 2014
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Party Pardee bike ride meeting, April 2014.
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