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Name: Shaak Ti
Age: 47
Species: Togruta
Gender: Female
Side: Jedi, Republic, New Republic
Symbol: Trident of Liberation

Family: Cyranm Beliym (Nephew) Salina Ti (Sister) Corin Ti (Brother), Draconus Ti (uncle), Triana Ti (Aunt)

Master: Unknown

Apprentice: Fe Sun (dead), Andrea Markovitz

Position: Grand Master of Shili Jedi High Council, Republic Relations Officer, Republic Diplomat, Supreme High General of the New Republic, Admiral of the Fleet, Chancellor of the New Republic (temporarily), Overseer of Naboo,  NR Minister of Defense, Chairman of the Senate, Guardian of the Illuminate, Head Master of the Jedi Order Healing Fraternity

Consitor Sato
Beast Control
Force Push
Force Pull
Force Crush
Force Lift
Force Wave
Force Valor
Force Shock
Force Blast
Force Quake
Force Calamity
Force Distraction
Force Integrity
Force Destruction
Force Implosion
Force Combustion
Force Shatter
Force Repulse
Force Maelstrom
Alter Environment
Ultrasonic Abilities 
Supersonic Blast
Controlling Fauna
Weather Control
Lightning Blade
Lightning Blast
Lightning Strike
Lightning Combustion
Plant Surge
Force Augmentation
Harmonic Convergence
Universal Divergence
Galaxic Invergence

Armament: 1 Adarian blue bladed lightsaber, 1 Ithorian orange bladed lightsaber, 2 Agravian green bladed saberknives (knives that are lightsabers), 1 steel hunting knife

Techniques: well versed in all forms but particularly uses Makashi, Ataru and Jar'Kai, also uses Form VIII, Kaishori, a hard-hitting form that she herself created during her times of exile.

Lives in: Shili Jedi Temple/Coruscant Jedi Temple, Naboo,

Status: Alive, Supreme High General in the New Republic

Codname: Clairvoyant

Aliases: Kara Mindulla, Tillum Zarmin, Master Ti.

Biography: I am a Jedi Master on the High Council, a General in a war, a healer in a fraternity, but I am not a soothsayer, so I cannot see my future, and I intend to keep it that way, for, the Future is more vicious than the darkness' corruption.
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Name: Mace Windu
Age: 54
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Family: None :c
Jedi rank:  Master
Occupation if a Master: Jedi Councilman 
abilities learning of mastered: Vaapad
Likes: Democracy 
dislike: Gungans 
weapon: 1 purple lightsaber 

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Members of the council have been selected if you have been chosen to be a moderator then you have been selected to be on the counsel. I will serve as grand master
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Greeting my follow Jedi. Im Jedi Master Cryanm Beliym. I welcome you to my community. here you can teach or learn about the force. When we have enough jedi a counsil will be fromed until then have fun I look forward to seein all of you
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