❤Understanding and Discreet AI ONLY
❤High mobile sperm count 140+ million per ml
❤Healthy and Active
❤Never smoked or done drugs
❤Siblings provided
❤Reasonable Cycle Attempts until Big Fat Positive
❤Recent “all clear” sti checks (as expected)
❤Blood group O (least likely to get diabetes, heart attacks or have strokes)
❤Better success rates than the NHS or Private Clinics for Donor Insemination
☆Local Meeting beforehand if required
✓No travel expenses for much of the North East
✓White British Isles
✓6 foot tall and slim/medium build, blue eyes, brown hair
✓Hard working and successful
✓Emotionally and Intellectually Intelligent
✓Good sense of humour
Will not donate to smokers or those with partners who smoke, those that drink while trying to conceive or night shiftworkers..
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