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Voicify is not working properly on my tablet. Creating voice actions is relatively easily, but when I try to initiate the voice commands they do not work; at all. I don't know why this is but it is a huge short coming that needs to be addressed.
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Voicify malfunction
Voicify malfunction 2

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Hello guys! i just submitted to the play store a pre-final version of voicify. So far, this is the best app i ever made! even better then Android Tweaker 2. Feel free to try it out (it's still in beta version so you'll have to join the community linked below and follow the link in the community description).

This version (1.0.6) is totally redesigned, so if you tried the old 1.0.5 you'll meet a totally new app. 

I'm also working for an user friendly interaction for weather, date, birthdays and some other cool things. 

This is the community:

As stated: the new version will go live in a couple of hours. Meanwhile, you can download the old one and checkout the big improvement once the new one is live!

Translations? It links to AT2 translations!

You made the whole app red? I think the other one was way way better :/

The previous one!

New beta uploaded to the store! Applications list is now sorted in alphabetical order and all apps (including systems one) are now listed! Also fixed some random FCs while adding your actions! The app is almost ready! we are re-designing "Action Manager" to be more clean and user friendly! stay tuned!

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I have this when trying launching  on N7000 ( app stop immediatly )

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Let me know for bugs, graphics improvements i can do or whatever passes through your mind!

I saw many of you having FCs ! Can you please download CatLog app from play store, open it, filter for AndroidRuntime and send the report to my mail? Thanks!!!

According to the logcat o received the FCs are caused by google voice service not found.I'll add a check on the next beta! Meanwhile to solve the issue you can download google search from play store!
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