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People are not much interested in having good food. 

They are more interested in having a big car because good food can be obtained very easily. Then what? 

People are not interested in having good healthy bodies. That can be attained very easily. 

They are interested in something which cannot be attained so easily, something impossible, and the nonessential is always the impossible. There are bigger houses, bigger cars, they go on getting bigger and bigger and you are never allowed to rest.

The whole world is trying to fulfill the nonessential.


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When you look at the stars and the galaxy, you feel that you are not just from any particular piece of land, but from the solar system.

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I am for man's spiritual growth, but I understand spiritual growth in its whole context. It is not something separate, one dimensional; it is a multi–dimensional phenomenon. 

It needs a revolution in society. It needs a revolution in society's economic, political structures; it needs a tremendous and radical change in everything that has been dominating us up to now. 

We have to create a discontinuity with the past. Only then a new man – a really spiritual man, a man of cosmic dimensions – can be born.


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It is creating a space in which melting becomes possible, creating a space where you see many many people melting, dissolving, and you see the beauty arising in them, and you see their benediction, and you see something mysterious surrounding them.
That triggers a process in you. Sannyas cannot cause God to happen in you. 
Sannyas does not believe in the cause-effect relationship; sannyas is a kind of synchronicity where many many people are flowering, and a great energy is released in you. It is not caused by others; it is simply triggered.
Somebody is singing a song, and suddenly a song arises in your heart and your lips start moving. It has not been caused, there is no inevitability in it. It is not the effect of somebody's singing, it is parallel to it. It is provoked, not caused; you have started responding.
And you know it happens, in ordinary life also it happens. Somebody comes who is very happy, laughing, jubilant; you were sitting in a kind of sadness, but suddenly seeing this person, his laughter, his bubbling energy, your sadness disappears. You start laughing. You have forgotten completely your misery, your agony, your problems, your worries. For a moment the other person has called up something from deep in you, just by his presence. He is a catalytic agent. So is the master.
And when there is an energy-field, a Buddhafield, when there are so many disciples around a Master, you are in garden in the time of spring. Thousands of trees blooming -- suddenly your seed gathers courage: your seed starts feeling the potential, your seed is ready to risk. That's what sannyas is.
If you have any courage, if you are really a seeker of truth, then take the jump into the unknown. It is not a conditioning; it is an anti-program, it is de-conditioning. It is not hypnosis, it is de-hypnosis. It is not a program, it is a de-programming.
Unio Mystica, Vol 2
(Photo-- Ma Laxmi giving mala to Osho)

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Maniloff asks:
It is true -- they cannot be enlightened. For them to become enlightened, first they will have to create a personality. Enlightenment is dropping of the personality; they don't have any personality to drop. You will feel a little puzzled: Why can't one become enlightened when one has no personality?
Personality is also a necessary part of growth. It is like if you catch hold of a fish in the sea and you throw it on the shore; the fish jumps back into the sea. Now for the first time it will know that it has always lived in the sea; for the first time it will know that "The sea is my life." Up to now, before it was caught and thrown on the shore, it may not have ever thought of the sea at all; it may have been utterly oblivious of the sea. To know something, first you have to lose it.
To be aware of paradise, first you have to lose it. Unless it is lost AND regained you will not understand the beauty of it.
You are born as an essence, but if you are left as an essence without the society creating a personality for you, you will remain animal-like. It has happened to some people.
Just six months ago, again one child was found somewhere in North India near the Himalayas, a child of eleven years who had been brought up by wolves, a wolf-child -- a human child brought up by wolves. Of course wolves can only give the personality of a wolf; so the child was human, the essence was there, but he had the personality of a wolf.
Many times it has happened. Wolves seem to be capable of bringing up human children; they seem to have a certain love, compassion, for human children. But these children are not enlightened. They don't have any of the corruption that human society is bound to give; their beings are not polluted, they are pure essence. They are like the fish in the ocean -- they don't know who they are.
And it is very difficult once they have been brought up by animals to give them a human personality; it is too hard a job. Almost all the children have died in that effort. They cannot learn human ways, it is too late now. Their mold is cast; they have already become fixed personalities. They have learnt how to be wolves. They run like wolves on all fours and they are strong like wolves. You cannot fight with a wolf-child; he will kill you, he will eat you raw. They are cannibals! They don't know any morality, they don't know any religion. They are not Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan. They don't bother about God -- they have never heard of him. All that they know is the life of a wolf.
If human personality is a barrier, it is a barrier only if you cling to it. It has to be passed through: it is a ladder, it is a bridge. One should not make one's house on the bridge, true, but one has to pass over the bridge.
Human personality is partial. In a better society we will give children personalities but also the capacity to get rid of them. That is what is missing right now: we give them personalities, too tight personalities, so that they become encapsulated, imprisoned, and we never give them a way to get rid of them. It is like giving a child steel clothes and not giving him any idea of how to unlock, how to throw the clothes, one day when he is becoming bigger.
Civilization should not become a tight enclosure. It is absolutely necessary that you should have a personality, but you should have a personality which can be put on and off easily, just like loose garments, not made of steel. Just cotton will do, so that you can put them off and on; you need not continuously wear them.
That's what I call a man of understanding: he who lives in his essence, but as far as the society is concerned he moves with a personality. He uses the personality; he is the master of his own being.
The society needs a certain personality. If you bring your essence into the society you will be creating trouble for yourself and for others. People will not understand your essence; your truth may be too bitter for them, your truth may be too disturbing for them. There is no need! You need not go naked in the society; you can wear clothes.
One should be natural, and by being natural I mean one should be capable of putting on the personality when needed, in society. It functions like a lubricant, it helps, because there are thousands of people. Lubricants are needed, otherwise people will be constantly in conflict, clashing against each other. Lubricants help; they keep your life smooth.
Personality is good when you are communicating with others, but personality is a barrier when you start communing with yourself. Personality is good when you are relating with human beings; personality is a barrier when you start relating with existence itself, with God.
Maniloff, to me there are only two things: the essence and the personality. The personality is good as a means, the essence is the end. And personalities are not real and unreal.
Unless you have a personality you cannot drop it. Unless you have a properly developed mind you cannot enter into the state of no-mind. Unless you have an ego, well-formed, mature, you cannot surrender.
Be Still and Know

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Greatness does not come from acquiring an empire. Greatness comes from becoming your real self, bringing your potentiality to actualization. It may be a grass flower, it may not be a lotus -- but nature makes no difference.
When the sun rises it does not dance longer on the lotus. It does not ignore a grass flower and say, "Be out of the way, you untouchable, you sudra! I'm here for the lotus flowers, the roses." When the rain comes it does not make any distinction, any discrimination; when the wind comes it makes no distinction, no
The real question is not whether you are a rose, or a lotus flower, or just an unnamed grass flower. The real thing is that the grass flower has come to actualize its potentiality, just as the rose flower has actualized its potentiality, just as the lotus flower has actualized its potentiality.
The real thing is actualization of the seed that you are carrying within you; that makes you great, and it is a greatness with a tremendous humbleness, with no ego in it.
If your greatness has something of the ego, that means your greatness is not real actualization. You have fallen into a wrong path. You wanted to be a musician, but you have become an engineer. You may become a very great engineer, but something in you will remain tortured, your self will remain continuously in a misery. Out of that misery is all evil -- you are irritated, you are angry, you are jealous of others; because you are crippled you cannot dance -- hence your jealousy.
But nature has given to you all some unique potentiality. That is your good -- to bring it to flowering, to its ultimate growth. You will be contented, you will be grateful, and you will be humble -- humble before this vast existence, grateful because it has not sent you empty, it has sent you with some potential to work upon.
Evil is nothing but an absence of good

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A poet knows the flower -- not the way a botanist knows it. The poet participates in the being of the flower. He forgets himself in it. The observer becomes the observed and the observed becomes the observer.

They both become one. There comes a moment of a poetic participation when the poet and the flower are not two things... merging into each other, melting, overlapping, overflowing into each other. 

A moment comes when the poet does not know who is who -- who is the flower and who is the poet. In that moment, exactly in that moment, there arises a totally different kind of knowing. It is not good to even call it 'knowing', because the very word gives a sense of your being aloof.

The same way -- the poet's way -- is the religious way. The poet tries to be involved with flowers, with a beautiful face, with the moon, with the stars... with particular manifestations. 

And religion tries to get involved with the total -- not with any particular: the flower and the moon and the river. No -- the religious person wants to get involved in the basic reality which flows as the river somewhere, blooms as a flower somewhere, shines like a star... the substratum of it all. He wants to get involved with that substratum.

That's what god is -- not a person, not someone sitting there in heaven, but the basic substratum of all reality.

So try love. Try the approach of the poet and the mystic. That is going to be your way. Love is going to be your way of knowing.


Become an offering, an opening, a prayer

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All the religions that have existed on the earth have been very unaesthetic, because they denied life, they denied all the beauties, all the flowers, all creativity, sensitivity.

They killed millions of people’s possibility of attaining to enlightenment through aesthetic creativity. 

They simply closed the door, and for centuries nobody has even asked the question, “Is it possible that just to be a musician is enough to become enlightened?” I say yes.

Nobody will agree with me – neither Mahavira nor Gautam Buddha nor Mohammed nor Jesus. 

Knowing it well, that the whole history will stand against me, I am absolutely certain that music can become meditation, that sculpture can become meditation, that dancing can become meditation, that painting can become meditation. 

These doors have simply been closed. It is one of the greatest crimes committed against man.

And people who are uncreative are praised as saints.

I teach an aesthetic consciousness. You should learn to appreciate beauty, you should learn to create beauty, you should behave in a beautiful way. 

Your life should be a long story of beauty, grace, love, peace. And whatever you are doing, there is no need to renounce the world – there is nowhere to go. This is our world. We have to make it more beautiful, more graceful, more lovable. 

And it is possible, whatever you are doing, to do it meditatively.


Religion can only be aesthetic

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Not only their words will be helpful, but their presence -- because their words can only be supported by their presence, by their actions, by their responses. There is no other kind of evidence. If people see that you are really living peace, that your life is a song of silence and each of your actions shows it, we can change the whole negative and sick psychology of man.

Otherwise ... THESE NEGATIVE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN PREDOMINANT ALL THROUGH HISTORY -- because it is very easy to be negative, anybody can do it. Anybody can say, even to Gautam Buddha, that "Whatever you are saying is all nonsense." And even a man like Gautam Buddha cannot produce any evidence of his enlightenment. If the person is adamant, stubborn, closed, there is no way.

BUDDHA CAN HELP THE PERSON IF HE IS OPEN, VULNERABLE, RECEPTIVE, ready to feel Buddha's presence, ready to feel his fragrance, ready to become part of his silence. But most of the people in the world are living under the impact of negative people. This impact has created such an unconscious state... people go on falling more and more into unconsciousness, into darkness.

The New Dawn
Ch #14: Words from the silences of your heart
am in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

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With your wife, with your husband, be tender, be soft, because love has the other side, of hate in it, and unless you understand what it means to be tender, soft, loving, there is every possibility love will bring great hate in you.

People love a person, and the same person they hate. And that hate destroys all love, poisons all possibilities of love.

And love is a great phenomenon. The person who has missed love will never know what prayerfulness is; will never be able to be prayerful. It is only love’s experience that prepares you to be prayerful.

Love the woman or the man with great tenderness, grace. That has disappeared from the world.

People’s relationships have become very ungraceful. They have lost the whole language of tenderness; their love life is so full of hate, and anger and rage.

That may be one of the reasons why God has become dead in this century. Love has disappeared; cannot arise.

Love is the flower; prayerfulness is the fragrance. If the flower is not there, then there cannot be any fragrance.


Philosophia Perennis, Vol. 1
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