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Kana Ii


Artificial Yuraze


Bust ✧ 32 D
Height ✧ 5'6
Weight ✧ 130 lb

To Be Announced

|Passive Abilities|
✧Reinforcement✧: Kana is capable of "reinforcing" her body or certain parts of her limbs to increase her physical capabilities such as strength, speed, durability, etc etc. When active, line-like markings will appear on her body .

✧Trace-On✧: Whatever object or Item Kana grabs, she can extend the influence of her Reinforcement, allowing her to use said object as weapon. She can even Reinforce the sharpness of a blunt object so that it can cut or slice.

✧Reinforcement: Synchronization✧: Kana can expend her energy by reinforcing her Nav, and the equipment on it for better damage. This takes a huge toll on her however, so she tends to not do it, unless the situation calls for it. 

Kind and caring, Kana shows no signs of going insane or mentally unstable. Despite her being a human at some point in time, she still retains the qualities she had when she underwent the experiment to become an artificial Yuraze. Prior to, she was told her personality would possibly be rewritten or even erased. Thankfully, out of the, out of the failed experiments that have died, she was the only one who survived and kept her gentle kindness towards all things. After undergoing the surgery however, she was given a drug that would over-write her normal self temporarily, to make her a battle crazed person. 

✧Sweet Drinks
✧Looking at the stars

✧Spicy Foods
✧Complicated Jargon
✧Sale Prices
✧Animal Abuse

Once a human, Kana was a kind and caring individual. She orphaned at an early age, and possibly one of the first Orphans to ever enter the orphanage. Her parents couldn't afford to take care of her, so they placed her in a place they knew she would be taken care for. She was admitted into the orphanage when she was three, and didn't get any new siblings until the age of five. Kana played with these children, being the big sister of the group of three. Two boys, one four and the other three. Two years passed, and Kana was seven, and her two younger siblings were right behind her, along with some new additions to the family. A year had passed, And Kana along with some of her new found family discovered a devastating secret: the orphanage they were had been conducting human experiments to create an artificial Yuraze. Out of the 13 children that were inside of the Orphanage, Kana was the only one to survive. To this day, she regrets not being able to save her kin..

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Type Moon

✧ Given Name✧
Crimson Moon Drop

✧Model Type✧
Blade • Claws • Flight • and Homing Lasers


•Celestial Force Wings•
Crimson Moon Drop is capable of emitting wings of Celestial Force. By absorbing the Celestial Energy in the area, and compressing it, these wings can be emitted and even grow if more celestial force is added to them. The large the wings, the faster the speed.

•Drop Off•
By discarding some of it's armor and losing it's bulkiness, it's able to become thinner and less bulky. When doing this technique,t he armor that falls off is gone, and it must be equipped with new armor, but while in this state, it's speed increases by 3.

•Sword Dance•
By unsheathing it's sword, the sword compresses and absorb Celestial Energy to crease the blade. By swinging the sword in rapid motions, the sword can send projectiles of Celestial Energy that slices through anything in it's path.

•Claw Strike•
Upon Moon's Hands, claws are attached to it's hand, making it capable of doing close range fighting. Moon can throw these claws, and freely manipulate them with the hyper-conducting, vibrating strand that is difficult to cut by normal means. Because of this, it can reel in the claws, if they miss their target, or even reel itself into the target, if the claws manage to attack.

•Celestial Crisis•
Opening the center of it's chest and gathering celestial energy, Moon can release a condensed blast that obliterates anything with in it's path. It travels in a straight line, but the blast i almost instant, meaning quick maneuvers would have to be used when facing it.

•Homing Missiles•
Moon can dispatch up to 15-20 homing missiles. These missiles aren't your normal missiles, as they are rather small. The only way a person can detect them, is by following the crimson or sometimes rainbow line that the missiles stream. These missiles, upon contact with the target or each other, create a burst of pink or rainbow smoke, similar to a smoke screen, that would disable the vision of her opponents.

Current Pilot
Kana Ii

Nav Bio
Coming Soon

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[~ Name]
Calcebrina Delarocha

[~ Age]
23 (Stopped Aging)

[~ Ethnicity]

[~ Race]

[~ Measurements]
Bust • 34 DD
Height • 5'6
Weight • 129 lb

[~ Faction]
The Mitama Enclave

[~ Passive Abilities]
All-Weapon Knowledge: Calce can use all weapons she chooses.

All-Defense: She can generate force fields and even build walls. Not to mention her steel bodied form.

All-Summoning: The queen can summon any Biomass she wishes as long as she knows it's origin.

[~ Personality]
It is sad to say that she lost her personality as well as she lost her name. She has little to no feeling to the point where she doesn't even under stand the concept anymore.
She is cold hearted, careless and highly destructive. She often is considered a ruler with an adamantium fist. Any who are under her rule are afraid of her. She has no feeling towards killing those she once had love for and has no god complex, but at the same time knows she has little to no limits.

[~ Likes]
:: Watching
:: Baths
:: Ice Cream
:: K Dramas

[~ Dislikes]
// Men
// Corpses
// Hot Water

[~ Mental Status]

[~ Story]
Back before her world was destroyed by Ameno Sagiri, she was able to sustain it's form. Though it was at the sacrifice of her children and the very personality she had before. In exchange she became a queen among goddesses. A small yet cast landscape she rules known as Nyarla is populated by the race known as the Yurazé. The world that was supposedly destroyed was only halfly obliterated, which was the side of the King, who is presumed dead. Under her rule, the emotionless Yuraze who live amongst this world believe she is the most kid of all rulers, though she uses them for her own gain. Upon her own accord, and seeking out her children, the only way she finds out how is to spread the symbol of negativity upon the real world; the magatama.
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"I.... am a savior? I am a savior! I am a savior, forged in the light of hope to save these people. I will not rest until I see Leonis Imperialis *burning at my feet."*

Name: Equalizer Type: X/Model: ZTX-03

Given Name: Tactical Operating Land/Aerial Neutralizing Devastator or T.O.L.A.N.D.

Model Type: Gunner/Blade/Flight Hybrid Type 

Model Abilities:

Silver Wolf Core: A nuclear powered core built by the Yinlang Sentium especially for the mech. It powers all of Toland's energy based weapons and it's thrusters which allow the mech to fly. The Sliver Wolf Core is the primary core/ source of Toland's power. It is located in the back of the mech. Preferred styles of fighting with this core are Blade/Flight.

Starfall Core A Secondary core that allows Toland to fight in space. The Silver Wolf Core is only good for raw power and cannot support the needs for concentrated bursts of energy required for Toland to move about freely in space. With this core Toland's primary fighting style is switched to Gunner/Flight.

Interchangeable AI Interface: Toland was built for battle, however the AI program he was created with could only handle one style of fighting per installation while retaining other necessary knowledge. Because of this Toland was created with multiple AI that it can switch out along with his battle cores. Domestic Interface Is used for fighting on planets, this AI is naturally aggressive and quick to take hostile action. It is most compatible with the SIlver Wolf Core. Galactic Interface Is used for fighting in space, it is less aggressive than the previous interface and would prefer to handle things diplomatically rather than fight it out. Devastator Interface Is an AI interface made with different specifications, it can learn more than one fighting style, and is the closest interface to a human Toland can get to. The Devastator Interface is always active.

Master Swordsman: With the Sliver Wolf Core, Toland is a highly skilled swordsman. It is able to use a wide variety of swords, or anything with a sharp edge. It wields the physical power to damage, and even cut through a larger modeled mechs. Toland's size is not something to be taken lightly he is just as dangerous as any other mech

Master Marksman With the Starfall Core, Toland is a highly skilled marksman. It is capable of using any weapon with a trigger and hitting any mark. He developers took great care in making sure he is a crack shot with almost every firearm possible.

Tracking Target Acquisition Toland is outfitted with optics that allow him to track up to 9 targets at one time, however, tracking this many targets lowers Toland's maximum accuracy output.

Outstanding Durability Most would laugh at a mech who is the size of Toland, however he was built with super metal alloys that allow it to be past the level of conventional mechs. It can take quite the beating and then some. To be put plainly, it takes a lot to bring down Toland.


Type-X: Shredder Protocol These are two reinforced alloy katanas that use the Silver Wolf Core to power up the blades with nuclear energy. This makes Toland's blade strong enough to fight other mechs, and maybe even win. They had a magnet installed for the purpose of calling the weapons back should they be knocked out of Toland's hands during the fight.

ZTX-03: Lazer Rifle This is Toland's go to rifle when using the Starfall core. It has interchangeable sights, different barrels for focusing energy given from the Core, and corrective recoil assistance for consecutive blasts. This rifle has a partner Starfall Core in it that charges the rifle with energy. The Core can be used as reserve energy for Toland.

Type-ZTX: Palm Cannon A reactor in Toland's palm that has been weaponized to fire concentrated bursts of energy. In high concentrations it can burn through a mech's armor, but such levels take time to achieve. The palm cannon can be used in either AI interface.

Type-X: Last Resort The Last Resort is a chest cannon that uses the Silver Wolf Core's nuclear energy to either charge a destructive blast, or if the situation calls for it, turn Toland into a bomb. By removing a component of the core that keeps the reactor stable the nuclear energy will be allow to slowly break down, and after awhile unleash a horrid blast that could consume half of Japan. Otherwise it is only used as a stronger cannon.

ZTX-03: Oracle Oracle is a seeker drone that acts as an extra set of eyes for Toland, it can either watch his back or go out and find a target. It's optics are linked to Toland's interface so he always knows what it sees. Should the Oracle be captured or damaged it can create a sizable explosion to attempt to harm anyone around it, Toland has a lot more where that came from anyway. 

Mech History: Project: Annihilation was a secret operation presented by the higher ups in the Hogoshan Resistance they wanted a mech that could be known well as a problem, but never be seen coming. The Sentium named a price to the Resistance, a steep one it was. But for the good this project could create, it was worth it. With the funding in place the construction of Type-X began. It started at two separate peace-keeping bots: Type-X and ZTX-03. They had no lethal weapons and at most could apply light stuns to subdue people. When the Resistance learned of this they were outraged. They demanded that their money be put towards something they could actually use, and not a diplomatic solution to an obviously violence prone problem. So the two separate bots were stripped of their equipment and merged their works together. It then became Type-ZTX-03, however the the scientists who were working on this thought it better to just collaborate on a brand new name. They came up with T.O.L.A.N.D. and began to reconstruct the weapons it would be equipped with. Later on it was realized that the mech would not be able to use both the Starfall Core and the Silver Wolf core simultaneously. To make the mech self-sufficient they would have to create an AI for each core. So they gave the machine a base power source to run off of, followed by the use of the cores to amplify the capabilities of the AI. However the Devastator AI was not learning as quickly as the Sentium needed it to. So the made individual AI interfaces for the machine to use according to the situation. After all construction was done, Toland was put through numerous tests to see is the Resistance's money went to a good cause. After Toland learned how to work the cores and interfaces, he was taught how to rebuild and improve himself. Finally Toland wad complete, a learning AI with extreme battle capabilities and tactics. The Resistance had kept him a secret until now, it is time for Toland to save this world. 
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* Morning was a site to behold. The natural and perfect smell of peace and of course.. The tapping of a keyboard which was practically being the audible muse. Energy drink cans were all over the blackened carpet which was accompanied by the smell of tuna and for some odd reason a citric aroma. From one spectrum it seemed as though the house was pretty clean until you made yourself a U turn right around where a black desk was sitting, with two sets of pink ears standing up on both ends of shining pink glossed mane.

Sharp glossed over nails with sea foam green at the tips of them were hitting their time away on a keyboard, while the office chair had two tails swaying just vertically from the seat. Half assed put on pants showing the outline of a black thong and crossed legs in a pair of rather right zipper leggings. A robed saggy white crop top which molded over the slim curvaceous form in the seat and the mane resting just below the mid section of his back. Through a pair of blue crystalline frames were two cat like eyes, which on first glance seemed apathetic and inattentive to the outside world around it. They were moving left to right. The hovering hologram monitor before her was being stained with what appeared to be coding encryptions. The white fonts drilled upon the screen as quick as her at-first-glance frail hands could move.. Then suddenly . . .

The inevitable came through. She glanced her quickened sun rise colored eyes to the corner of her monitor only to see what appeared to be the time coming to morning. As a result, an alarm which sounding like her worst nightmare rang through the all metal facility. The alarm which had a resemblance to a howling Great Dane went off in the midst of her programming, completely throwing her off. Her adrenaline rushed, rather quickly. Her hands started to move more rapidly than before, the panic upon her features more obvious than not.

Protruding through a worried pore a single bead of sweat came with a break out and slid down mid clavicle.. She was at a shattering point with grit teeth. It was nearly 2 minutes in the un-fathomable noise bouncing off the walls that would make even the calmest of monks rip their hair out. She gripped her head and yelled at the top of her lungs. Appearing before her, a blue glyph resembling a small microphone seemed to be programmed just in case. Quicker than her hands type, a voice would rattle the entire facility, it would be reminiscent of a nagging mother with a hint of slang being replaced with actual words. At that moment all the anger poured out.


The assault upon the ears seized but the howling didn't she'd twitch the more and more the alarm went off, her grimace accompanied with folded arms. The flickering type marker on her screen for some bizarre reason only made her more upset.

* Just a normal morning in a semi dangerous war zone in the crossroads of peace and turmoil.. The Hogosha Resistance hideout. Implying that other members live her from her scolding, this particular femme cat is known as Katsubaki Araragi. She is a Koneko; a native species to Planet 2.0, other wise known as Indenka. She tapped her elbow with her index, awaiting the arrival of her catalyst who would come and rid her of this plague he called an "alarm". To past the time all she could do was be irritated because her train of thought seemed to take the wrong track. *

Almost as though it looked like she was doing nothing of importance, Katsubaki is a highly intelligent Koneko who specializes in tactical engineering, and Nav model schematics. She is well versed in sideline guidance and combat schemes. *

( +Tatsuhiro Shimazu 地 and Any Others )

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"Filthy little blondies fucking up everything.. I guess there needs to be an uprising sooner than later."

Katsubaki Araragi




"Ask me this question again, we'll Be measuring your casket."

Hogosha Resistance

Passive Abilities
Enhanced Intelligence:
Katsubaki has special lollipops which increase her intelligence. Naturally her race is generally playful and obnoxious but the lollipops allow her mind to think mlre efficiently, exceeding beyond normal heights of even a human._

Katsubaki is a silly, friendly, generally whimsical and energetic Koneko. She also appears to be somewhat scatter-brained, though this trait belies her true aptitude. She cares deeply for her friends and cannot stand when they fight each other. When she was young, she used to be cruel, mean, selfish, and hated humans, but then had a change of heart by her Adoptive Brother. She just wanted to be accepted for who she is. Katsubaki also has a serious side when it comes to her friends, and has even confronted many a empire soldiers when they were attacked. Her personality alters when she is guiding the team through missions through her terminal however and she may come off as slightly rude.

☺️ • Fish
☺️ • Math
☺️ • Reading
☺️ • Anime and Manga

😔 • Blood
😔 • Violencs
😔 • Liquids Of Any Kind Near Her Terminal

Mental Status
Quarter Unstable


Born into the Yakuza at a young age, due to being highly regarded, she was exempt into field work instead become "the voice" for many of her brother's hits. It was at that time that everything went according to plan until her brothef was arrested and disowned all around the same time period. For the time being, Katsubako made her easy Pickens by hacking security systems and sending ultimatums and demands for money without her butler or father in the know.

She began hacking and assisting in bank heists at the age of Thirteen, taking her the first banking conglomerate on her birthday. Clueless of what she could actually do, she branched off of her many assets and even became head hacker of the Yakuza. One mistake is that her crew had a snake in the crew, the boss at the time her father was on vacation and they were authorize to dismantle the government, unfortunately the outcome was that half of her crew were sentenced to death, she however was kept alive. She escaped the clutches Of the Leonis By getting bailed out by the leader of the Hogosha who wished to use her talents for something greater, as a result she became the Terminal expert for The God Nav Trio.
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Can I make a Mech that his about human sized, which has multiple AI installed, that was created by the Yinlang Sentium and sold to the Hogosha resistance?

- Each AI would have different capabilities but only one could be used at a time.

- It wouldn't have a pilot, it would basically be like a person that could fight other Mechs.

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"Alright you furless apes.. This is my community now, the rules remain the same it'll be going by my rules and will remain as such. Now for starters get those profiles ready and start working towards making this a great RP.. Katsubaki Araragi out."

... ( In short, The lore for this RP will be reposted, so work your profiles kiddies. )

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