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Welcome to "Rumbly" Community!!
If you have any questions, you've found a bug or an improvement that you thought you would have to incorporate this is the place for it! Use the sections that there created.
Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy it!
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At Huske The Armony og alt hjælp. Vinderslev på Landkortet. Papirfabrikken kaster rigtigt mange m
MicroWawe imod mig I På Amaliegade . De blevet mere sure end ellers. Elendige Org Gang Stalking.
Remote Neural Monitering.

Kontakt Susan og kør det efter DEREFTER derovrer


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Smoke in the air

Notes font size is fixed to pretty large. Could the font size be reduced please? What would be even better is a font size option.

You have alarm accosiated with the tasks. When I updated the app that alarm feature goes away. Why did u removed that feature?

I like the app. How do you add reminders. I have the pro version. Thanks

I just went Pro. How do I import my lists from Free version?

I have a question, what is the rumbly wall used for in rumbly pro? Very useful app by the way!
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