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Got to get into the Halloween "Spirit" if you know what I mean.

There wasn't a joke there, but even if there was, I "Couldn't see it."

I'm done...

Decided to make a character based on Halloween, so I did. This drawing isn't the first drawing I made of her, but it was fun enough to draw. It was also fun to draw as well.

Her name is Jacky, but I prefer to call her Jack for short. She's a Pumpkin with mage like powers (mostly consisting fire) and wears a witch hat with some skimpy top and bottom pieces. She also wears arm sleeves and stockings. Her head is shape like a pumpkin, her skin is the same material a pumpkin would normally be made of. She has three fingers with one thumb, her feet a morphed into high heels. She stands around 5.2 ft tall and weighs around 120 lb. She's shy and barely likes to talk to anyone that's not a close crew member. She's mostly seen when Halloween comes around, but if she not out tricking and treating, she's back at the pumpkin patch, where the rest of her "family" is.

(Jacky's short backstory)
Jacky was just a normal pumpkin ready to be put out on display for the trick or treat-ers. However, when Jacky was getting ready to be carved, Arias accidentally spilled a beaker of his universal serum (Ariasium) and spilled onto the table where the pumpkins sat. Arias cleaned up the serum and began injecting the pumpkins with an antidote to stop the serum before it takes control. However, while injecting the pumpkins, Arias had a count of 52 pumpkins, but when he got done injecting the pumpkins, he only had 51 pumpkins. Knowing that a pumpkin is missing, Arias put a bounty for the run away pumpkin. With the pumpkin on the lose and had time to evolve, the pumpkin had a full humanoid shape to itself and later joined a rouge crew within the EP Crew. She was given a name (Jacky), she was given clothes of her choice, and was given potions and chemical treatments of her liking. Jacky came out as a normal prop for just some holiday, but became a Witch that controls the flames that surround her. From here her story advances with what I include in the story line. (Some drawings are not cannon)

Also, note...

Do NOT use Jacky with out permission from the creator, which would me...

(Drawing information and credit owner)
Drawing name: Trick or Treat?
Drawing style: Traditional, Pencil, Markers/Sharpies
Drawing creator(s): EpicPotato Lord (Code name)
Drawing rating: Questionable

(Character permission)
-Jacky (EpicPotato Lord's character)
-Little EP (EpicPotato Lord's mascot and signature character)

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