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Ethnicity must go ! But first, we need to assure Political Correctness - let's roll :

Racism, the scourge of the Earth !  Are not all men and women exactly equal ? Can they not be easily gender-changed ? Do we not all have the exact same intelligence and abilities, as long as we refuse to accept the Bell Curve Facts? Do we not even look a lot alike ? Now that we proudly exterminated all other vertebrates on the planet (the ones we called 'animals', so we needn't give a shit), we can finally take care of ourselves, and we do it using a religious belief system called Marxism.

For starters, our goal should be to mix all the populations of Africa and Arabia into Europe to make the nasty so-called Caucasians go away, because they successfully tried to be better than everybody else, and once that's settled, we do the same to the Asian nations, mainly China, and make the nasty Mongolids go away - they have high IQs, and that's racist. 
This will be easy as Europe is rich and China is going to be rich, and the poor will always go to where the rich are living, so they can take part in all the nice accumulated wealth, and breed some more. Our success with Replacement Migration in the EU proves the theory.

You may object that humans are by nature competitive, and that they will always try to trump each other, and that this is simply evolution. That makes me think you didn't listen ! Marxism voids evolution. We don't give a shit about life on this planet, and we will gladly accept a certain amount of degeneration if it only satisfies our desire for the warmth of a society of equals, where nobody is challenge and everything remains the same.

Soon, we will have a homogenous, mixed human population without qualities or differences, which, to confuse the very dumb, we call 'diversity', and the world will be  a better place with more rather torpid humans who all get a Barbie education, and less of anything else. Who could say no ? Let's roll and get this done now, as long as people actually believe that we're doing The Lord's Work. And remember : You have no right to prefer or like better, one human of your choice above another ! That sort of fascism will be a thing of the past...

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Find Your Place in the New World Order
Leaked excerpt from an introductory speech draft for the Bilderberg Conference, which will take place in June this year, in Dresden, Germany.

The world we live in has to change fast, if mankind is to avoid great danger like world hunger and destructive wars - these problems cannot be solved by mutual consent, so progressive forces of Good have been contemplating solutions for all, and come up  with the most practicable ones. As Climate Change, Animal Extinction and Global Pollution  are given things that would cost too much money to correct, we need to pacify humanity and adapt it to the challenges of an inglorious, tough and dreary future where it will no longer possible that  enterprising individuals or nations gain an unfair advantage over their contemporaries.

First, it must be assured that the political powers of Good whom we can trust and who stand for humanism and philanthropy, will prevail and determine the fate of mankind, rather than evil and destructive ones. These powers can obviously only be free democratic ones - no formal dictatorships are allowed, though some monarchies will have to be tolerated. We must all work together to ensure that the democratic powers and their allies will be able and determine humanity's destiny, through Full Spectrum Dominance over destructive forces (namely Russia) who desire to keep the world  irrationally multipolar.

Equality for all is the noble goal, are not all humans created equal ? Is not everything about them the same except for their wealth and skin color ?  Different skin colors will diappear through healthy, induced migration, and at the same time, wealth will be effectively equalized. As it is obviously impossible to make everybody rich - we have for decades tried to give money to the poor, but it always lands in the hands of some elites - we finally decided to bring the poor to where the rich live, and have them fight it out. What may at first sight sound cruel, is now in fact working perfectly. We call it Replacement Migration, and it was discussed and agreed upon in the UN more than twenty years ago.

It must be understood that human society is based on an economy that consists of four branches, one being the food industry that caters to basic needs, and the economy supplying the food industry (tractor makers etc.), further the entertainment industry which creates fun gadgets and illusions - so humans don't get bored. Much of what the food industry produces is actually also just fun produce, as we do not NEED to eat these foods and would be wise to avoid them. But we like to consume them, and so we turn nature into products, which we then throw away, creating mountains of waste. There is the banking industry, which regulates the money flow, money being like the oil that keeps a motor from breaking down, and indeed makes it run faster. Finally, there is the war industry. You have to understand that these four industries by principle make up most of what we call the economy. All human culture is built upon this economic principle - that we turn nature into rubbish to survive, while being fed well and having what we like to see as fun and entertainment. 

We're also like squirrels, we like to collect, and we always want more. We can't stop. We want more than our neighbor has. That's the way we are. If a human sees another have or own something he himself  doesn't have, he gets jealous. It makes people aggressive, and there are wars. We also like to cheat and even kill each other, so as to gain a lead over the other party - humans are by nature competitive, and this is the world's main problem. Leo Strauss observed that the human being is inherently evil. Humanity must be equalized by force - it is our duty to  make sure that everybody is equal. Everybody must have the same amount of wealth, no matter if that means very much or very little. As very much is hardly possible with ever more people, it'll very likely be very little. But that doesn't matter - equality matters. Equality means peace and control. 

There must be equality in everything, but most importantly wealth and skin color. Skin color is important because it's so obvious. Our science so far says that humans are racially very homogenous, or in other words that there is no other difference than skin color. There is also disputed scientific proof that IQ differences exist, but if those exist they must go as well. The percentages of human races now and in twenty years are about this: whites 1.6 > 1.5 | indian 1.2 > 1.5 | asians 2.1 > 2.5 | black   1.1 > 1.7 | arabs 0.5 > 0.7 | other  1.1 > 1.8  

As in reality, the Whites and the Asians have created the most wealth for themselves, and are also of lighter color and higher intelligence than the others (there is one exception - the Indians, who are basically Caucasians of darker skin color), Whites and Asians must be made darker, mixed. In practice, this is not possible with Asians right now, but real existing global migration flows makes it possible to exchange the Whites of Europe and North America insofar that they will be brown by getting mixed mainly with Negroids and Arabs,  thus disappearing or rather, becoming an indistinct blend that does not raise aggression - neither will it have more wealth. It will have much less wealth, but that cant be helped. It's beneficial.

In essence, it means there must be a disappearance of what is now  being called "white privilege", by importation and flooding Europe and North America with poor people from other, poorer continents and countries, preferably young males, as these will guarantee the desired changes to happen quickly for simple sexual breeding reasons. North America and Europe will be of mixed or rather blended race within 30 years. It is important that the races mix well, and have one homogenous skin color, in effect this is the most important factor - all would be in vain if  people simple immigrate and stay apart. If that were to happen, there would be real diversity - however, homogeneity is desired - never mind the propaganda, we only use that to steer people along while they still have individualistic ideals.

Diversity should ideally also disappear among cultures - as we managed to create a homogenous western media culture, we could basically use this but as this culture is a hedonist one, it created individualistic egotists, when a more community-minded people would be desired. Taking religions into account is believed to be the most practical solution here, as the human animal naturally craves such beliefs, they mentally stabilize him and make him more pliable and allover altruistic.  Comparison between the effectiveness of religious beliefs made us choose Islam - we expect it to be the one world religion of the future, mainly because of it's self-sustaining features. It doesn't need servicing.

Conclusion : for practical reasons, the white populations of Europe and North America have to make room for a large number of immigrants from highly dissimilar racial and cultural origins, who should interbreed with them as fast as possible. This will equalize property levels and make the much envied white race go away, thus assuring the disappearance of the envy factor, as both Europe and North America will at the same time automatically see their wealth dramatically reduced, thus becoming more equal to Africa, the Semitic belt and Latin America. The Asian problem, that is that the Mongoloid people because of their higher  IQ levels becoming superior, as the whites formerly were, can unfortunately not be tackled at this time, as they are not quite rich enough and mentally/culturally not adapted enough to enable social engineering on a scale similar to Europe and North America, where the necessary psychology of acceptance has been created over many decades of hard work by socialist teachers and the spread of positive thinking by our media.

Unfortunately, the insertion of aggressive, testosterone-rich young males from several continents into formerly white countries will not happen without violence and much bloodshed once the native population awaken to the realities of the process, but the result will be worth the ordeal. There will be wealth-creating benefits - with more inhabitants, real estate prices will be going up again, there will be a general economic upward trend - healthy growth will be reestablished for many years, till Climate Change hits in earnest.

The New World Order/Peace on Earth calls for the inhabitants of Europe and North America to sacrifice their visual peculiarities and real privileges, liberties and wealth for the higher ends of humanity. So far, psychological problems resulting from this epochal task could be avoided because of the special nature of Western culture, which has progressed to a stage where it's members feel guilty about their privilege and thus accept an obligation to give them and themselves up, after gentle nudging by our media. We are not concerned about this, as on the whole, Europe and North America will increase in wealth - it will just be in the hands of different people, and in the end, 
it will be in the philanthropic hands of the banks.

The inhabitants of Asia will share their white brethren's fate at a later date, whenever this becomes practical, and after a lengthy re-educational preparation process. This will likely be the case in another 20-30 years, when China is a rich country comparable to the now West (the "First World" of the past), and through insertion of Islamic boots into China's soft underbelly, also from Indonesia which already is a Muslim nation. However, this is a problem our successors will have to tackle. We're optimistic, and so are the Middle Eastern Sunni Muslim powers we consider our closest allies in this win-win scenario. After Europe and North America, Russia will fall - and the Asians will be confronted by a ring of an entirely homogenous federated nations under one government, it's inhabitants being ideal humans - an Islamic consumerist culture that has the potential for easy assimilation of the entire Eurasian land mass.

#nwo   #migration  #bilderberg

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Hey Primate ? You insist being made by AllahTM, so why would you give a shit about any other life form in the universe, especially if you evolved from them ? After you the deluge ! Let's have fun and delete 500 million years of evolution - yay !!

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DID you know ? IQ stands for Intelligence Quantifier.
"Violent crime decreases as modal I.Q. moves upward of 85" and virtually stops at or above I.Q. 115

Paul Cooijmans is a very clever individual who is unsurprisingly right about many things - but as prone to ridiculous prejudice as any human I ever met, including myself. Under circumstances, any human brain is incapable of seeing naked reality staring into it's mental eye.  
And not refusing it at first glance, automatically. 
So that in this sense, most of what follows is actually true :

This is what he has to say on the heritability of #homosexuality

On human #degeneration

And as a practical guide, on societal decline (also see #survivalism and/or #offgrid , and #prepping

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You don't know what ancestricism is ?  Why am I not surprised ? Is it a subset of racism, is it much worse ?
It's the unnatural and fascist belief that your close relatives are worth more than someone you don't even know, like the refugee who's supposed to be "the friend you don't know yet", because he'll crowd you tomorrow.
Let him in, throw out your brother - because if you don't, you're an ancestricist and everybody will rightly hate you.

And more so, as there is NO GENETIC PROOF AT ALL that would suggest that someone from somewhere would be in any way less preferable than your brother.
So, to prefer your brother is just the discriminatory use of Family Privilege, as practised by the Far Right, and we must stand together against these people ! See below where ancestricism will otherwise get us - so, welcome all refugees - there's billions - and let them marry all your sisters.

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"A forced further increase of an already high population density is typical of advanced civilization in decline. Hostile elements that have infiltrated society are actively pushing this increase with sophistry like "we need immigrants to do the work for us" and "the population is (or will soon be) shrinking so we need more immigrants to compensate for that"

The decades-long mass immigration of other-ethnic peoples, often with lower I.Q.'s and higher fertility and crime rates than the native population, is defended by constantly and without allowing contradiction stressing pseudoscientific beliefs to the extent that there exist no important hereditary differences in behaviour and personality between ethnic groups or races, that social environment is the sole determinant of any relevant human trait, that human races are merely a social construct and do not really exist, that there is so much racial mixing going on that we are all of mixed race meanwhile, that people growing up or living in a given social environment will display the same quality of behaviour and personality regardless of their genes and ethnic origins, and so on. Although long disproven on the scientific level, these political doctrines are always presented as established facts.

The overall effect is a slow but certain destruction of Western civilization and replacement of its creators, eventually rendering White people a powerless minority in their own countries."

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Tomorrow, Cultural Marxists may be telling us that FAMILY is a fascist concept that must be eradicated... and that those who insist o loving their family members more than total strangers are evil #Ancestricists

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Surely this is an exaggeration ? It must be, it must be, it must be... #extinction
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