Wow. the new LightwaveRF gear is expensive!!!! Looks like I wont be buying any of those.

Appreciate the app is being decommissioned, but can you answer a question on the Tasker integration? It works fine if I'm on the wifi, but not if I'm not connected. Any ideas?

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Early preview of new LightwaveRF app.

This app was created when there the only official app was a poorly implemented webview.

The official app has been much improved since then and whilst it still doesn't offer the advanced features that Lightwaver does such as Tasker support\widgets\wear etc, there seems little point developing this app further.

I will leave this app published for the time being. Some may still find it useful. I will possibly replace the app with a more modern looking one at some point. I do have a few ideas but for all intents and purposes, this one is now discontinued.

Thanks for all your support

Could someone explain 'moods' to me, ie how you set them up etc. I'm not sure what should happen when I long press on a mood. Thanks

Hi I can no longer send remote commands as it says I am not logged in. I do not see an option to login other than a legacy account option. Any ideas?

Is anyone using Alexa with Lightwaver(f)? Before I buy one I was hoping to confirm I can do things like control lights and power through something like 'Alexa we are going to bed' which sets off a sequence

Look for auto voice nd tasker on android does the same thing

hi just installed app on my sony tv how do i get it to link to my light wave link?

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Just adding some device shortcuts for all you people running Android 7.1

When released in version 3.5, find it under the "Edit>Shortcuts" menu.
You can add multiple shortcuts but only the number allowed by your device can be displayed. Just sort the ones you want to use to the top of the list by dragging/dropping.

This allows you to set up many shortcuts and activate the ones you want to use easily.
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