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Name: Ram_Believer
Gender: female
Age: 18
Likes: Animals, singing, drawing, reading, YouTube, broadway musicals, old movies, and Disney
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, spiders, dubstep, rated r films, and seeing friends being harmed
Fears: Spiders, Needles, and Thunderstorms
Talents: Singing, and Art
Crush: Sharky the Shark
Siblings: (rp siblings not real life ones) Little Kelly and Little Carly
Personality: funny, kind, loyal, honest, adventurous, creative, musical, retro, and loving
Pets: baby creeper named Dyane and an Enderwoman named Ethel. (Found these mobs as orphans when they were babies and she raised them as her own kids.)
Bio: the youngest princess of the Magic Kingdom, making her the baby sister of Little Kelly and Little Carly. She has always had a strange connection with animals, similar to the connection that Dr Doolittle has. 
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ayee anyone up for mc rp?

Hi! Howdy do!:)

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(not my actual skin but close) 
Name : DerpSquad4
Age : 11
Gender : male
Skill : its so derpy that in battle opponent will get paralyzed by its derpiness. Also, with its weird tounge it can extremely harm foes. Also good at building fishing& fighting
Allies : DerpSquad1 2 and 3. OPwarrior notch jep
enemy : Herobrine 
species : rainbow derp
Bio : rainbow dimension

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Name: Death_Bite (new gamertag)
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Skills: Soul steal,  Megabyte(turns them into glitches vaporising them), Dogs Fallow me everywhere(including wolves), Teleport(within 50 blocks)
Allies: ? I don't have any.
Appearance: (look below)

At this current point im not sure what to do here plus I'm going to bed haha so if someone can explain for me id be greatful


I'm promoting one member right now!


We are having some issues in this community, so we would like to acknowledge them, so hopefully these problems will be solved.

1. Inappropriate language. Please don't do it.

2. Skills. Just use 4-5 skills.



There is going to be a new rule. THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SKILLS YOU CAN HAVE IS 4 OR 5. WHY? You can't be better than everyone else. That's NOT RIGHT.
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