Reflect on and share your use of or interaction with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
- How have the NGSS informed your teaching?
- What aspects of the NGSS do you find most useful?
- Are you encouraged to include the NGSS in your lesson plans or other administrative documents?

Using Computer Simulations to Enhance Teaching and Learning
After spending some time manipulating the simulation on building atoms, what are some ways that this simulation or simulations in general, could enhance the teaching and learning of this concept?

What is the Osmosis and Osmotic pressure and then the formula?

Which learning strategy would you choose to introduce Solar Cars in a physics unit on waves: STEAM, Performance Tasks, or Project-Based Learning? Why?

Share your ideas on how implementing lessons which associate students with real-world applications improves their educational experience. You may also describe examples of times you have included real-world applications in your own classroom.

Think back to an educational experience in which you experienced academic rigor.
Please share any or all of the following:

What about this experience was rigorous?
What was asked or expected of you?
What words or phrases would you use to describe the qualities that made your experience rigorous?

Project-Based Learning: Check Your Thinking

Share ideas for how a PBL unit might be developed in a physics class.

Engineering Practices

Share your experience as a "student" when designing your very own Rube Goldberg Machine. What did you build? What did you gain as a teacher by having this experience?

Engineering Practices: Your Turn (Check Your Thinking)

Share and get feedback on the project you are developing for your students!

+ What is your project idea? Share a link!
+ What kind of feedback are you looking for?
+ What roadblocks have you run into?

Reversing Misconceptions

Please share how your ideas for how you would guide students to develop a model for Newton's 3rd Law in the "Your Turn" section of the module.
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