I truly to miss using this phone. Actually writing this from my Xperia Play, I have such a hard time letting it go. So, how is everyone doing? :-)

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Tested on Xperia PLAY. Controller support is definitely working, but expect a nasty little slowdown with screen transitions.

Very glad to see Square supported 2.3 for this release, this game is very nostalgic for me.

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Hey, I keep trying to download the new warframe app but whenever I try to download it it reads a message reading the package file was not signed correctly, can someone please help!? :(
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Hey, I got minecraft a while back on my Xperia Play and I didn't play it for ages. When I read that you can use your gamepad to play I was exited. But to my disappointment the game pad doesn't work with the game..

Can someone help? :(

trying to get everything working on 2.3.3 wish I knew someone with sony EMMA who would update my dev play:P

im glad this group is still alive

Hey people!

I know it's mostly just a repeat of questions in the past, but I was wondering if anyone is still actively using their Play, either as their main device(not likely, I know) or only as a gaming machine?
I would also like to hear what Tlr has to say, if at all possible. :-) 

is this community still alive?

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