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">homebrew install lfe" doesn't work:

"Davids-MBP:lfe david$ brew install lfe
Error: No available formula for lfe "

and compiling from source fails on OSx:
"Davids-MBP:lfe david$ make
if which rebar.cmd > /dev/null; \
then rebar.cmd compile; \
elif which rebar > /dev/null; \
then rebar compile; \
else /Applications/  erlc_compile; \
/usr/local/proper/rebar.cmd: line 1:@echo: command not found
/usr/local/proper/rebar.cmd: line 3: setlocal: command not found
/usr/local/proper/rebar.cmd: line 7: escript.exe: command not found
make: * [compile] Error 127
Seems to think it's compiling under windows not osx?

Hi <ALL>!
What about launch of "lfe" on the production system. Official documentation doesn't describe it. Are there any plans to create some documentation about this process or "lfe" only for academic exercise?

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The demo presentation for lfe-reveal-js, an LFE library with macros for building Reveal.js slide decks with S-Expressions. 

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Here's the repo for lfe-reveal-js:
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