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A suspicious agent, SmartAlec007, was first spotted last month - a level 5 agent with (as of July 18th) a 50-day sojourner badge, 9 resonators deployed, 5 each of links and fields created, and zero combat stats. This agent has a total of 1097 hacks and 2320 glyph points.

On the night of July 18th, this agent was seen along the same path as Prunetucky, a resistance agent known for fielding in South Santa Cruz County. SmartAlec007 showed up at the same time and place as Prunetucky, while he deployed resonators along Main Street in downtown Watsonville. Intel observations showed that SmartAlec007 deployed a resonator on a single portal which was then upgraded by Prunetucky shortly thereafter (any SmartAlec resonators were thus removed). No other actions were seen from SmartAlec007.

Further intel observations indicated that SmartAlec007's first link and field were made on July 17th at Cabrillo College - approximately during the time when several Resistance agents met to build lower Cabrillo campus, including Prunetucky. Note that this is a full 49 days before SmartAlec007 agent ever made its first link, while hacking everyday, and glyphing in the meantime.

Two days later, on July 20th, several capsules were dropped and picked up at a remote portal near Moss Landing where Prunetucky spent nearly an hour. A pair of keys to a portal in a nearby town were also dropped at this location, and then moments later were picked up and used by Prunetucky to complete a field. No other agents were active in the area at this time (video available).

The same behavior was observed on August 10th, while Prunetucky was fielding at Cabrillo College. A pair of keys to a distant portal (beyond his action radius) was dropped at his location, picked up and then a field was completed to the portal associated with those keys. No other agents were active at Cabrillo during this time (video available).

The profile for SmartAlec007 was checked on August 14th for the first time since July 18th. The stats have since been made private. The only badge to have changed during this duration was the sojourner badge, from silver to gold. This indicates that the account continued to hack for at least 10 consecutive days following July 18th when gold sojourner was awarded on July 28th. Subsequent checks on the profile show a daily ap gain, which indicates continued use of SmartAlec007 to the time of this writing.

Additionally, on multiple occasions, capsules were found at the base of one portal at Cabrillo College where Prunetucky is know to frequent, while no other agents were active in the area. One Enlightened agent was able to pick up a couple of these capsules, and found them to contain an assortment of mid-level gear, Cabrillo keys, and numerous shields. 


Our interpretation is that SmartAlec007 is a second account belonging to, and operated by Prunetucky, which serves the purpose of holding extra gear and gaining twice as many hacks, twice as fast, at portals.

If true, this action needs to cease immediately, and SmartAlec007 needs to be deleted immediately. Any other unknown alt accounts also need to be deleted immediately. Cheating behavior such as this is explicitly identified as being against the Ingress community guidelines. And to be honest, no one wants to play against a cheater - I doubt many would want to play alongside, supporting one either.

If this is not true, then I'm looking for a really good explanation.

Video of capsule/key drops:

July 20th (silent)

August 10th (with narration)
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Intel report for #Ingress regional cell AM01-CHARLIE-06.

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XFaction photo at Darsana SC!
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