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Hello everyone! Its alex! I just made this community because i noticed alot of community's have no active mods! It would be amazing if you could share this with your friends! If you have any ideas for new categories let me know in the comments below!. I hope you enjoy your stay in this community!

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_The Tailor's Tall Tale_

*There once was a beautiful world that has become long lost to time. This world was known as Mariuna. It was a beautiful world filled with all kinds of wonderful flora and fauna. Mythical creatures wandered in lands far away from human settlements. The continent of Aragent was home to the human race. Of all the nations of Aragent, none were as beautiful as Sarkon.*

Sarkon was the smallest of the human nations, but it was the most prosperous. It stretched from the sea to the center of the continent in a narrow strip, making the center of trade for the humans. It had a thin peninsula that stretched into the sea that divide the continent into east and west. With the an impassable mountain range in the South and a harsh arctic northern land, the only way to trade from the eastern side of the continent to the western side and vice versa was through ports, and Sarkon had the best ports around. The capital city of Cillanon was the most beautiful city in the world. It's five marble towers stood on each corner of the city and the last one was apart of the castle. The city streets were lined with business, turning most of the city into a giant outdoor market with anything and everything thing available for purchase somewhere in the city.

Sarkon was a small nation, so they were under constant threat of being attacked, until they created the most renown military in Aragent. What made this army so powerful? They had mastered a skill no one else had: The soldiers could fight with both weapons and magic. In all other realms, Yu had to choose between using magic or fighting with a weapon. Only in Sarkon had they figured out the perfect balance and training necessary to use both. One Sarkonian warrior was worth a hundred soldiers or wizards from any other nation

Magic was a prevalent part of life in Mariuna. There are two main types of magic: Natural and Supernatural. Natural involves control over the elements and energy manipulation (forming balls of energy that are harmful to creatures, for example). These can be somewhat countered by each other, such as fire versus water makes steam. Now Supernatural magic is much different. There are only two forms of Supernatural magic: Light and Dark. Dark magic can only be bestowed to a person by a demon, but that person can spread the power and secrets of Dark magic to many others. Dark magic trumps all other forms of magic except for Light magic. Light magic is the one defense against Dark magic and can only be bestowed upon a person by an angel. Light magic couldn't be shared, because only those who are worthy of it are given it. Light magic is the most powerful of magic that has been discovered so far. A single Light wizard can hold off hundreds of Dark magicians if need be. Dark magic is very aggressive and violent while Light magic is more about healing and defending (although Light wizards can smite and disintegrate evil, which is pretty sweet)

In Sarkon, there was great rejoicing on the fifth day of the forty second month of the Fifth Era. For King Mastos and Queen Desdonia had a son, and his name was Sargon. A few days after his birth, there was a large celebratory feast. Peasants and aristocracy alike came and offered blessings and gifts to the newborn prince. During the grand feast, a bright white light filled the room as an angel flew in and approached the baby. The angel kissed Sargon's head softly then left. With that one moment, Sargon was set apart, he would master the art of Light wizardry

As Sargon grew up, he was trained in combat and all forms of magic, excluding Dark magic, but the focus was on learning to use his angelic blessing of Light magic. Sargon was a natural born warrior and mastered all forms of combat which were taught in Sarkon. His magic skills were impressive too. His father made Sargon learn a trade though, just in case something went terribly awry. Sargon decided on tailoring, and soon everything went awry.

There had been reports of an army that was moving in to attack Cillan. The King took necessary precautions such as mustering the army, fortifying the city, and making sure that Sargon had a clear escape route. Sargon was now twenty one. He was a dashing lad with a charming smile and bright emerald eyes. He had wavy blond hair and seemed to ooze chivalry. He argued with his father, wanting to stay and fight, but in the end his father was still his father and king, so he obeyed. Finally, the enemy approached. It was the army of Darukil, a nation to the North of Sarkon. That army had been endowed with Dark magic and made short work of the Sarkonian military. When the King saw how hopeless the fight was, he sent his son away with the scrolls that contained Sarkon's greatest secrets. Sargon ran and ran, never once stopping.

Sargon ran non-stop for a month to the port of Haran. He saw that it was currently occupied by those foul Daruks. He snuck into the city and got to the docks. He slipped himself into a little rowboat and snapped the rope so it looked like the rope had broken on his own. Using a little bit of magic, he kept his boat moving in the right direction. Once night had fallen, he took the oars and began paddling. After three days, a large ship spotted Sargon and his paddle boat and brought him aboard. The captain approached Sargon and began to interrogate him.

"Who are you?"

"To what nation does this ship belong?"

"Don't talk back, answer my question"

"Not until you answer mine"

"What were you doing in a paddle boat in the middle of the sea?"

"To what nation do you belong?"

The exchange went on like this for several minutes. Sargon never backed down, not telling them a thing until they answered his question, revealing that they were from Lyode. Lyode was a nation on the Western side on Aragent. It was known as the "Nation of Light" because it seemed to have the favor of the angels. Knowing this, Sargon introduced himself using the name that the angel had whispered in his ear when he was blessed: Alastair. The name meant "Defender of Mankind". Sargon, now going by Alastair, created a story about being a tailor who was shipwrecked in a storm. He kept his identity secret, for the Daruks might be looking for him. The crew took pity on him and let him stay on the ship until they landed back in Lyode. After leaving the ship, Sargon/Alastair hiked to Lianyon, the "City of Light" and the capitol city of Lyode.

In Lianyon, Sargon maintained his cover although he was now living in the slums. It had been a year since Sarkon had been taken over. He begged for food while also trying to pull himself out of poverty through his trade skills. After five months of being out of luck, he found a tailor's kit which had been thrown away. He took it and began to make rag clothing which he used to barter with other poor people.

Three years later, Alastair finally had his own official business. It was a small workshop, but he was glad to have it. Using a couple of connections that he had retained from his time as Prince of Sarkon, he got access to great material for cheap. He then began to make very fine clothing. After two years, the aristocracy began to notice how well the poor were dressed and sought out Alastair. Three years after that, people said the poor of Lianyon were better dressed than the King and Queen. The royal family called for Alastair to come and be the royal tailor since his work was so wonderful.

Sargon/Alastair was now thirty years of age and still a bachelor despite his endearing compassion, his charming smile, and his beautiful emerald eyes. He no longer looked the Prince he had once been, he was a completely different man and would be unrecognizable by the royalty. The King and Queen brought him in and introduced him to Princess Y/N. Alastair was quite taken by her beauty, and he offered her a bright smile

While in the court of the royal family, Alastair heard many things about Sarkon. He realized that it was being puppeted by Darukil, and no one was the wiser. Alastair did enjoy his time serving as the royal tailor. He was always trying to find new ways to improve upon his last design

Late one night, as he did every night, Alastair crept out of the castle and into the courtyard. He had found a fairly well hidden area. Here he practiced and maintained his magic and combat prowess. What made this night different, is that Y/N was awake and from her room in one of the castles turrets, she could easily see Alastair practice not only his fighting skills, but also using magic. She then...


Females only

7+ Lines Minimum per response

No text talk

Your character can either be a human or an angel.

Your character unfortunately cannot use dark magic, especially if they wield light magic cough cough angels cough cough

There is still a lot of world creation left, so feel free to add in your own personal touch to the rp and the world

This story and world are made so that the rp won't get bogged down to deeply in romance and have no action. Romance is still very much an option, but it won't be the only major thing going on in the rp

Question Time (to see if you actually read it all)

1. What is the name of Sarkon's capitol?
2. What does the name "Alastair" mean?
3. Can Sargon/Alastair be recognized by the Lyodian royalty?

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Title: here comes the next contestant.

you were a rebel at our school. A delinquent. Always getting into fights, and always winning those fights. You were the best fighter in our school. You didn't care about anyone or anything. Always giving the cold shoulder and icy glares.

until you met me. Then everything changed.... Well almost everything.

we dated for about a year now and you were smiling and seemed happy whenever you were around me. Everyone instantly noticed this change in you. But you were still a rebel and still got into the occasional fight. And I'd always be there to clean any wounds you got. I cared deeply about you and you cared deeply about me as well.

You had become extremely protective of me. Most of those fights you got into now was because you didn't like how a guy was looking at me or even if he touched me. You'd always walk with me to and from school and work.

work. That was one thing you hated.

you hated the place I worked at. I was a waitress at a local restaurant and bar. You hated the uniform I had to wear and hated the attention I got from it even more.

one night while I was working, you decided to stay because lately I had been complaining for the customers starting to get "handsy".

So as the night continued you kept an eye on me while I worked. Looking for the men I had told you about, restaurant regulars that came almost every night.

as it grew late into the night the group of men had shown up and took their regular table, one I served. Your gaze never left them. Especially when I was at the table. After a few rounds of heavy liquor you saw what I had told you about. And your hatred for the place I work grew as you watched these men.

when I came to the table with their meal, the men stared at my breasts and thighs. One man on the edge of the booth wrapped his arm around my waist, putting his hand on my butt and pulled me close to him as he stared at my breasts. You could just barely make out what he said to me over the roar of the bar

1: hey sexy. How's bout tonight you show us alittle more than you already are.
the man next to the first pulled me over as the first held me. He kissed my neck and I tried to pull away

2: why don't we bring this to the next level?

Me: come on stop it. Let me go.
the third reached his hand over and put it on my upper thigh, slipping a finger under the thigh-highs that were a part of my uniform.

3: how bout we take this to the back. Or we can go to our place.

1: how's that sound my sweet. You ever have three men at a time?

he smirked as he kissed my chest as the second man kissed my neck. I continued trying to pull away from them

Me: stop it! Let me go!

rage filled your stomach and coursed through your veins. What angered you most was the fact if how many people were around, seeing this, who sat back and did nothing. Unable to see this go on another second you...

((OK. This is a long starter so if you read it all comment "protective boyfriend."))
((Ask first.))
((Be descriptive. No one-liners. At least 2 lines.))
((Rp name is Honey.))
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The year is now 2050, an age of chaos. An attempt to save the world from ruins, scientists created Saviors (androids with a goal of helping the planet). However, there were some of the Saviors who went rogue or didn't function well. They created a Savior with grace, beauty, and potential strength. She was given the name ________ [you decide on her name].

She couldn't "see" things, but can sense things easily without sight. She was lying on the metal table and she sensed something coming; it was her creator (Y/N). She was always calm toward her creator, and often thought of (her/him) as her parent even though they were not related.

Hello, (Father/Mother). Is it time for my awakening?

[_________'s theme - ]
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[Fire Emblem Awakening roleplay. I need a Validar, and many others yet to come. OCs are allowed, but Validar is desperately needed.]

Fire Emblem: Fallen Memories

So, you know how Robin was Chrom's tactician and saved the world from the fell dragon? Well,.......let's forget that and go back about 20 years. What if the mother didn't escape with the child, trusting that her husband (Validar) would raise the child well? The story I will tell you is nothing you've ever heard before.

The queen (Jane) was the mother of the soon-to-be child. Her screams of labor terrified the guards who stood by the door. And in the hallway was a pacing young male known as Validar. He was the king of Plegia. He promised to his people that his child will bear the mark. The woman he wedded was a street performer with a strong bloodline. She was the perfect candidate.

Another scream interrupted his thoughts. He prayed to Grima, hoping his child would be the one.

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cream was playing with cheese in the forest until a explosion came from across town she decided to fly in and see what was happening she hid behind a trees with cheese by her side their were two unknown mobians fighting each other for some reason the white one was so calm and seemed nice but the dark one seemed so mad at him about something cream thought that they might be brothers the fight came to a close and the dark hedgehog dissapeared and the other one seemed to be an a lot of pain so cream walked up to him (opening roleplay requested)
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_Stars In Their Eyes_

Y/N was so excited! They were coming to town, which would mean that he would be there. Y/N had worked long and hard, now she held her front row ticket in her hand. The most famous and loved boy band was coming to town, but they had a different feel to them then other boy bands. "The Dwyer Clan" was a band of four brothers from the British Isles. Caelan was the bass guitarist, Taitleach the drummer, Morlan played the lead guitar. Then there was Avery. Avery was the lead singer and the idol of girls world 'round. He had beautiful and exotic golden eyes that so many girls longed to have look at them with adoration. He had smooth, silky sliver hair, strange for someone who was only twenty. He had a charming smile that only added to his appeal. He had this sincerity and humility about him which made him feel like a regular person.

Y/N was among a large crowd that was headed to the venue. She claimed her seat right by the stage, bouncing with excitement. She was offered large amounts of money to give up her seat, but she refused. Finally, the light went down and a couple smaller bands came out to play before the main event

Avery sat in the group's bus, listening to the other guys. He was the oldest of his brothers, and the only single one. His brothers kept picking on him and trying to set him up, but he just hadn't felt any connection with any yet. He looked over the song list while his brothers talked to their girlfriend's over the phone. The band played a lot of classic rock with a few original songs. Avery loved Boston, Journey, and Chicago, so those group appeared quite often. His brothers joked that Avery used his songs for his love life, considering how many romantic songs they sang, but Avery knew that the fans loved them. He looked up and saw it was time. He nodded to his brothers as he strapped on his guitar and mic. He didn't use a handheld mic, he often danced on stage, got the crowd clapping, or was playing the guitar. He walked out on stage. He looked out among the crowd and saw all kinds of people. The group attracted far more than just fangirls. He started playing "Welcome to the Jungle" and the lights turned up, it was showtime.

One of Avery's favorite songs, "Baby, What A Big Surprise" by Chicago. The lights were at a brightness where he could easily see into the crowd

"Right before my very eyes"

He started to walk towards to the end of the stage. A group of girls reached towards him, hoping to touch his hand. Y/N was one of those girls. Avery's golden eyes saw Y/N and...

"I thought that you were only fakin' it"

Avery grabbed Y/N's hand, pulling her onto the stage with him. He smiled charmingly at her

"And like before my heart was takin' it"
"Baby, what a big surprise."
"Right before my very eyes"

The music died down behind them and the lights pointed on them. Avery took her hand and started to dance with her, continuing to sing, his smooth, melodious voice the only sound in the venue

"Yesterday it seemed to me"
"My life was nothin' more than wasted time"
"But here today you've softly changed my mind"
"Baby, what a big surprise"
"Right before my very eyes"

Avery slipped a backstage pass around her neck as he helped Y/N off the stage. The show went on like normal. The show wrapped up and Avery waited patiently for Y/N...

(Females only)
(3+ Lines, 5+ Preferred)
(No text talk)

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