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SDDC Consultant
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VCAPers -

I have a question on service dependency mapping -

From the perspective of the storage system, would we consider the switch that it plugs into to be a downstream component that it depends on?

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Guys done some first draft design...maybe flawed but first go 😀. Regarding the port groups , would the exam tell us what port groups to use. Ie , would FT always be a default group if not specified? Unlikely in my real life experience. 
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My VCAP5-DCD experience: I took my study notes (mostly dependency diagrams) with me for some last minute studying. I jotted a diagram out when I started the test and the same diagram was my first question on the test. I followed the advice and marked the drag and drop questions for review and did those after the design questions. I spent about 45 minutes on the master design question. After all the design questions, I had about 1h 30 min left and was starting to get nervous I wasn't going to have enough time. I went back and did the shorter and less complicated drag and drop questions first. After completing the drag and drops, I had about 8 minutes left. I spot checked my work. I ended the exam and saw the congratulations screen.

To prep, I've been reading the following items for the last 4 months:
Books in the attached picture (best ones were the networking and ntorage books). Know these 2 topics very well.
All the links in the blueprint
All dependency diagrams posted on this group. Be aware that not every diagram posted is accurate.
vSphere Installation and Setup - 5.5 (very helpful to dig into automated methods of deploying ESXi)
Pretty much every Install and Config PDF for things like SRM, VDP, Heartbeat, App HA, vShield, NetIOC
The Study Pack by +Jason Grierson nails most of the major topics.
The simulator on gives you a good idea what to expect.
Read the questions posted by others. I remembered seeing several of my exam questions on this group. If they're asking a question, it's probably because they've seen the question before.
Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable exam.

Hello everyone

I'm quite new in this group. For couple of weeks I'm preparing for DCD exam.
For now I'm using those resources:

vSphere Design book
trainsignal course ( Designing VMware Architecture )
vSphere 5 Data Center Design book
Official Guide

From couple of days I've started to fell uncomfortable because I'm not sure if those materials are right for learning.

I would like to ask for recommendation what else can be useful here.

I've heard about study pack and simulator that was created by Jason but I can't find link for this. Could you help me in topic ?

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In a recent post there were a couple of really good references for switch design using 10 GB cards.

I found a couple of tables recommending LBT for iscsi and this made me feel very uncomfortable

Table 2

Table 7

Now other docs indicate that "port binding is the recommended best practice" page 3 and page 10 section 4.6

A best practice for iSCSI is to avoid the vSphere feature called teaming (on the network interface cards) and instead use port binding. From what I understand it is because in simple network adapter teaming, traffic will be redirected during connectivity failure through the first network card. Failover at the path level will not be possible without port binding, nor isload balancing between multiple paths

There are constraints for port binding; ie: use of distinct arget iSCSI ports are in a different broadcast domains, routing is required to reach the iSCSI array, LACP or other link aggregation is used

In this case teaming might be an alternative .. you must turn off port security on the switch for the two ports on which the virtual IP address is shared..

Am  missing something? Your comments please ..!

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Happy New Year everyone.. Just finished the exam and passed on my first try!!!! Big thanks to the man @Jason Grierson and everyone here (Let me know if you come down to Sydney, I will buy you drinks..) for putting an amazing study resources together. I will put up a list of my study resources when I get home tonight. Cheers guys.

Edited: I am double VCAP now.. woottt ;) --->VCIX-->VCDX 

Hi All, Please forgive me if this has already been asked, but can anyone help me on this:
How to effectively separate network/data traffic when using 2x 10G network adapters. For example, how to ensure Management and FT/vMotion/Backup are separated from the iSCSI (Data) and VM traffic are also separated.

In this scenario, I would imagine you would create a single vDS with multiple port groups and add an Active and Standby Uplink to each with some Port groups utilising the first adapter as Active and the second adapter as Standby. Would this be the correct way, if so, when an Active adapter fails the Standby adapter would be used thus Data traffic would traverse VM traffic etc. ?
Am I correct in thinking this?
many thanks

 I couldn't make it in the first attempt (255), I think time management is the key for this exam. When I finished all 8 design questions I have seen 30 minutes left for me and  only attended 16 questions total.
I started with master design and it took me one hour to complete the design.

Special thanks to all active contributors of this group. All the posts in the group plus Jason’s Simulator and study pack are excellent. 

Planning to reschedule after 14 days but I have some doubts on design questions not sure it can be posted here.
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