Brother and Sister fellow aviation enthusiasts. I just want to let you know my ability to work at improving my website and value to this community is looking pretty certain that I am going to be somewhat impeded for a while. I'm just a couple days away from having to vacate my apartment and live in a tent. Haven't been able to find a job in this area I live in. I think mainly because I'm a senior cit and my work history is somewhat broken up due to the fact that I had to care full-time for my ailing Mother for a number of years, until she passed. I've been fighting with Social Security to begin my retirement benefits... if I'm lucky that will start very soon.

My site is young still and I'm getting a bit of traffic, but nobody is engaging yet, leaving comments or donations, or purchasing anything. I know I need to build more trust. I'll do my best to keep my site up but improvements and hard work on it will be difficult without my pc hooked up.

So just want you to know I haven't been abducted by aliens :-) I'll be back at it full strength as soon as I can rebuild finances. Be patient... awesome things coming from my corner in the near future.


If you have an interest in real world flight training - new post on my blog about my first solo at www,

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P3D screenshots from my YouTube videos.

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It depends on what you want from a simulator Benjamin. FSX provides the most latitude for choices of free add-ons and payware to fly and simulate just about anything you want to. That's because of it's flexibility in third-party software additions with the Software Development Kit Microsoft included with the Deluxe Edition. XPlane has made good progress with purity in graphics, especially night representations and cityscapes.

It's hard to overcome the traction in the market Microsoft gained in their series of simulation platforms they developed before they ditched it and sold their ESP to Lockheed Martin. What I'm saying is there are a lot more options and choices available to you with FSX.

Be careful... it's great fun and so addictive. Cheers... skybum
I have been looking to get a flight simulator? which one of these would you pick as the best?
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Nice work.... very nice work. Good luck
Our studio is currently producing an animated short called, "Imaginary Warrior", but we also create models for flight simulators. Here are a few pictures from recent work. Enjoy!
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New Infinite flight film ^^
Better effects, more realistic, just for you 😘
Thanks for sharing.

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Hi I'm new ^^

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Part 2 of LHR - JFK Concorde is up

Hope you guys enjoyed the 2 videos

I Appreciate the high amount of views i got last time Thanks :)
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