Guys! I know how to kill the Xenomorphs! We get Yatjuas!

Black Shadow:you had been to that place where the gunfire and screams were at
Matthew"Matt"Johnson:I didn't went there because I don't know that street
(Weird loud screetching)
Matthew"Matt"Johnson:weren't those sounds how the plants screamed for help?
Black Shadow:Plants screaming doesn't sound like that Matt,they sound like our screams only their type
Officer Davis:Michael ruvik,Matthew Johnson,get over here and out of sight now
Black Shadow:we are on our way Davis
(Runs towards Officer Davis)
Matthew"Matt"Johnson:what's up,why are we hiding in this building?
Officer Davis:I recognized those creatures that attacked but they aren't from this world
Matthew"Matt"Johnson:where are they really from?
Officer Davis:they came from another dimension,Marines called them idk Xenomorphs,they are aliens that likes to feast on brains with their mouth-like-tongue and places eggs for anyone to go near it and get killed by the facehuggers carrying baby xeno's to eat the insides of anyone's stomach,that includes everyone in L.E.A.F city
Black Shadow:don't we need the heroes to help us with this situation?
Officer Davis:They seem to fear fire,Solar Flare and Captain Combustible can burn them to ashes,well Solar Flare does that most of the time when fighting zombies
Matthew"Matt"Johnson:Solar Flare is out to search for Rose the magical sorceresses and Captain Combustible can't help us right now
Black Shadow:then we must fight them on our own
Officer Davis:is that the plan to destroy all xenomorphs?
Black Shadow:unless we use our SuperPower abilities(Transforms into a Hero Peashooter)but as I turn into a Peashooter and shoot them with my dark Precision blasts,it would only stun them(transforms back to Human)
Matthew"Matt"Johnson:then we must stealth kill them
Officer Davis:ok,now we have to go out there,ready your powers and weapons,prepare for a war against them

-Somewhere at L.E.A.F city
-8:47 A.M.
-February 18,2030
Matthew"Matt"Johnson:Valentines day is almost here but I got no girl to love,maybe it's best to be alone forever(looks at random Plant couples)if only there was someone that I found,that would've made me happy(looks at stars in the nightsky)I can imagine how it would go.....
Black Shadow:Matt,who are you talking to and why are you in the roof next to the signal light?
Matthew"Matt"Johnson:Mike,it's because I don't want to be single anymore,there's gotta be a girl I can flirt with
Black Shadow:dude,I had been single for life but I refused to flirt with a girl,look,it requires skills to make someone get attracted to you and to never leave your side,can't you see,the L.E.A.F heroes are all taken,we cannot be skilled like them
Matthew"Matt"Johnson:Yeah,I know,I wish we can return to our normal city
Black Shadow:our city had been destroyed by Midnight Killer and his army,I decided to close the portal so none of them be able to invade L.E.A.F city,I was glad to protect you,Officer Davis,and commander Joe because all 4 of us have superpowers
(Gunshots and screaming at a distance)
Matthew"Matt*Johnson:Should I activate the Signal?
Black Shadow:we might need to Check it out first

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