Hey guys, do any of you know how I get Caja to show video thumbs ?
It already features image thumbs but no video thumbs

I already tried out ffmpegthumbnailer and it didn't work out.

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Coming soon... 

Would love to ser mate-tweak on epel repos, is using centos 7 mate desktop for 2 Years now and love it :)

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Here is +Solus​ MATE ☺️

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A LFS distro running MATE ☺️

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New release of Solus Mate 2017.01.01. Installation and Overview.

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Take a look a MATE on +Solus​ ☺️
I just posted a part two video on SolusOS 2017 Mate which I am now using as my main system. I cover the performance, theming and overall feel as I have used it in the past 24 hours. Thanks to the SolusOS team for your hard work and improvements in this point release. Cheers!

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New release of Manjaro MATE 17.0 Alpha1. Installation and Overview.

I am searching for a owncloud/nextcloud integration to caja like it already exists for nautilus/dolphin/nemo with overlay icons for the state of the files.

Are there any plan or workarounds?

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cc: +Martin Wimpress 
A quick preview of the Brisk Menu so far


Note there are still some kinks to be worked out, and as can be seen the menu doesn't yet reset between openings - but it's solid progress! Also note that yes I'm developing this whilst under Budgie, as it frees me from having to restart the desktop or worrying about panel crashes.
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