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MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! yes it is I the one who started this place up then disappeared almost immediately recently I was looking through my old profile and saw this place was actually still here somehow! and then I thought to myself "hmm these people have somehow managed to keep this place somewhat alive while I was gone despite me having originally given up on this place! we somehow even managed to get all the way up to 241 MEMBERS! and when I saw that I was baffled! I said to myself "no way how's that even possible!?" so I decided to dig deeper...and realized that the only reason this place was still functioning was because of +Majjin Minna... that's not to say that none of the other mods did anything but I saw mostly everything coming from her I have no way to put into words how grateful I for what you have done to keep this place going as long as you have... so it is my absolute honor to announce that I am rebooting this community on my new profile! with +Majjin Minna and I as co-owners  of the community! as well as a couple others if she's okay with it! I'm going to start work on the community as soon as she responds! I cannot wait!

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Name: Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Night Fury
Mate: NightShade +Angel Cody
Babies: over hundred in all
Siblings: unknown
Parents: unknown
Island born on: unknown
Speed: unknown
Bio: can't remember his past, all he can remember is crashing landing into a forest and was about to killed by some creatures that lurks the forest but NightShade came and saved him. He's also Secretly a Legendary Night fury but no body knows and Mated with NightShade at least 4 times.
Personality: Hates humans riding him, Likes making new friends and loves Salmon but hates eels
Strength: NightShades Love
Weakness: tries to do things on his own and refuses help
Body Type: Slim and Sexy and his muscles are shown easily

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Name: Maiasora Hacksaw
Age: 17 years old.
Gender: Female
Hair: Long and auburn
Skin: black
Personality: kind and gentle but I have a quick temper and I am very easily annoyed.
Strengths: hunting, fishing, music and art.
Weaknesses: my fears and self-doubt

Likes: long walks, days on the beach, running through the forest and practicing my warrior skills.

Dislikes: winter, spiders, venomous creatures and thunderstorms.

My Dragon:

Species: Deadly Nadder
Sex: Female
Color: Purple with pink and blue tinges on her back and wings.
Name: Firestar
Personality: Gentle, Loyal and Brave

Bio: My family are the Hacksaws. My father was an expert bowman. And my mother is good with her hands. Most Vikings use axes, maces, daggers and swords but my family is well known from using bows and arrows.

Dragon History: I met Firestar when I found her injured in the forest. I approached her carefully to let her know I wasn't going to harm her. Once I earned her trust I was able to nurse her back to health and my reward was her friendship.

Other pets: a small brown dog. Her name is Sage.
Weapons: Bow and arrows, sword and a dagger.

Hobbies: collecting dragon scales and teeth. Reading, writing, music and archery. Training Firestar 
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Idk if I ever did my profile here or not but here(but if I ever did my profile this is an update then)
Parents:Hiccup and Astrid
Strawberry The NightFury
Shara The StormCutter
Danilion The Deadly Nadder
FlameFire The Monterious Nightmare
Deather The Whispering Death
Aqua The Unknown(doesnt remember the species)
Bubbles The Unknown
Dinner Bone The Bone Napper
Sirens The Unknown
Timmy The Unknown
Cholesterol The Fly Trapper
Bettle The Unknown
Gargle The Unknown
DeathSong The Amber Dragon
Daisy The Unknown Legendairy
Story:When Hiccup and Astrid had her as a kid she changed her hair style and changed her style then was handed a deadly Nadder but flys off with Danilion the deadly Nadder and finds a other Night fury then starts to go on adventures without Hiccup or Astrid even knowing about these dragons or anything else but has a staff to hold,so Astrid and Hiccup doesnt know about all the other dragons.
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name: Icicle
age: 14~17
gender: Female
species: Frost Fury
Disabilities: Blind in both eyes
Rider: Open ask

I'm lazy so I'll update this crap later

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Name: Plasma

Gender: Female

Species: Skrill

Age: 19
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Dragon Profile
Name: Nightlight
Breed: Nightfury
Pattern: blue stripes on body
Gender: Male
Rider: none
Personality: Playful nature only towards Chase
Likes: exploring and helping out vikings
Dislikes: eels, crowds, and dragon games.
Bio: When he was born his mother abandoned him because he was blind in one eye. Chase later found him in the woods and they became friends. Nightlist still doesn't trust people that much.
Chase Is NOT Nightlights rider. Nightlight has not bonded with anyone.
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Name Kai destiny
Age 13
Gender male
Specie human
Dragon Atomic

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I'm a bit special. I am not a Viking. I live alone on an island. I have a small army of dragons, all the same species, a species never discovered before, Ender Dragons, they are black and have purple eyes and can sometimes teleport. They spit purple fire.
My main dragon is called Midnight Blaze. He is the biggest of them all.
I am friendly towards Vikings unless they are hostil towards me.
I kill anyone who tries to hurt my dragons.

Note-I will rp as Ender and Midnight Blaze
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Species:Night Fury
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