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Indiemeet people who are obsessed with superhero RPGs (okay just me) might be interested in the resurrection of early Champions that Ron Edwards and Hero Games are doing via Kickstarter. You can see him being asked questions about it by Brie Sheldon here.

The Kickstarter is here

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Hi! After a long absence to have a kid, I'll be finally coming back to Indiemeet to play! For the Feb Saturday meetup first session, I'll be bringing the classic indie game Inspectres (it's like Ghostbusters the rpg). As my time is a lot more straitened than before I would really like to make sure that I have the minimum players to run the game. If you want to play Inspectres and will be coming to this meetup then please reply below.

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Here an episode recorded with game publisher James Wallis. 😃

Anyone among you tried the Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen?

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In case anyone is interested in playing over Skype, Ron Edwards (quite indie) is proposing to run D&D 4e (maybe not quite so indie but with his spin on it) in European timezone friendly time.

This is partly linking to his new online talking actual play site and he would be recording the sessions, posting them online and probably discussing them at Adept Play.

It would likely be something like this: or check out Ron's Patreon - weird races, psionic powers, psychedelia and metal album covers with brutal, strategic fighting which 4e does well.

If this sound like something you would be excited about we are still looking for players, let me know and I'll put you in touch with Ron.

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The last episode of Axthetable's season 2.5 is the second part of our Best RPGs for Beginners double episode. Ric, Rob and Joanna discuss their controversial number 1 picks and we have final thoughts from Concrete Cow.

0000 GxB (2011) by +Jake Richmond
0800 Kingdom (2013) by +Ben Robbins
1730 Witch: the Road to Lindisfarne (2012) by +Kevin Barthaud & Richard Lacy

To read replays (transcripts) of a session of the above games which Ric organised see:
GxB: Momoko the Hero
Witch: The Witch & the Rosary

From Concrete Cow: Neil on Inspectres (2004); Elina on Witch: the Road to Lindisfarne; Lloyd Gyan on Fate Accelerated (2013); Nick Reynolds on playing with those you like and trust
Best RPGs for Beginners (Part 2)
Best RPGs for Beginners (Part 2)

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After the brief GenCon hiatus, Axthetable is back for the rest of the 2.5 interseasonal. In this episode Ric & Rob head to the 200 word rpg playfest to try and play as many of the competitions entries as possible (spoiler, we ended up playing too many of them all the way through to get too far!)

0031 Shuffles & Skeletons by Carlos Martins
0525 Build Your Own RPG by Andrew J. Young
0710 Manic Pixie Dream Girl by Jenni Sands
1050 Demon Dare by Daniele Di Rubbo
1457 Time To Run by Sanchit Sharma
2427 Fair Verona Burns by Adam T. Minnie

Thanks to Sanchit for playing with us and +David Schirduan for organising the competition as a whole.
200 word rpg playfest
200 word rpg playfest

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Part two of the look at the design of +Epidiah Ravachol. Rob and I question the designer with all our problems (and some of our enthusiasm) around his intriguing, yet challenging game Swords Without Master.

0000 Why has Swords taken so long?
0125 What has pro-wrestling to do with the Perilous Phase?
0209 How each phase shares responsibility for the narrative
0333 The Rogues Phase and Playing your character in the face of demands that go against your vision of the character and framing demands
0650 The Discovery Phase as driver of the game
0820 The Phase for ending the game
0933 The design origins of the Phases
1335 The Overplayer’s sense of wonder in the Discovery phase
1437 Stymies and “Just call it failure!”
1636 Morals and amoral tales
1810 Mysteries and the world is weirder than you think
1840 Motifs, echoes and chapter breaks
2242 Motif recorporation and ending the game
2439 Epilogues and hopes for multi-session play
2643 Changes to the finished version

Games mentioned
Sorceress Bloody Sorceress
Apocalypse World
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen
The Black Hack
Invisible Empire

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I've brought up next week's podcast notes early so any folk heading out to GenCon and looking for entertainment en route can enjoy! This is a seminar from the UK's biggest gaming convention, UK Games Expo, where I was on a panel talking about working on licensed games, acquiring the licences in the first place and designing genre in games.

Thanks to +Michael Duxbury for organising and chairing! Plus to fellow panellists Judge Dredd rpg writer Darren Pearce and Ed Jowett & John from Shades of Vengeance.

0000 Introductions
0510 Ed Jowett on Acquiring a licence: estates, companies, individuals
0720 Darren Pearce on How to work for a publisher with a licence
1535 John on Being a professional writer and expectations of writing for a licensed work
1840 Michael Duxbury on Creating a genre game by hacking another
2625 Epistolary Richard on Four approaches to creating a genre game as a nanogame
3605 Darren Pearce on writing licensed games and fan expectations for The First Doctor sourcebook
4000 Epistolary Richard on Fan enthusiasm and criticism with Scythes of the Emperor
4250 John and Darren on dealing with a blank page

Games mentioned
Judge Dredd rpg (2017)
Doctor Who (2009)
Savage Worlds (2003)
Hunter: The Vigil (2008)
Memory Ball (2015)
A Town with Pep! (2017)
Girls from Gilmore, Boys from the Dwarf (2017)
Star Wars (West End Games) (1987)

Media mentioned
My Little Pony
Men in Black
The A-Team
Inside Out
Veronica Mars
Gilmore Girls
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Scythes of the Emperor
Star Wars Rebels

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