I'm standing in my TARDIS tinkering and messing around with the console's controls excitedly I haven't done this in ages! But I need someone to come with me....

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Name The Writer, although I also go by Brianna Pickett.
Age 283
How many time you regenerated? 2
Occupation Like the name implies I write, mostly children's books.
Villain or Hero Bit of a loner, but I lean towards hero.
Goal None, yet.
Weapons A sonic pen. "What? The pen is mightier than the sword."
Likes Rain, forests, nice coats, hot chocolate and cookies, books, Owl City, peppermint tea, meeting people despite her shyness.
Dislikes Selfishness, cruelty, tomatoes. Not necessarily in that order.
Friends The Mage, my new companion!
Family Missing? Dead? I'll figure something out.
Appearance Brown hair and eyes, long bangs, black coat (see picture).
Personality Shy, apologetic, lonely, not easily embarrassed or angered.
Vehicle '57 Mustang and a vortex manipulator she hates.
Companion +Laura Jones Texas​​ the Mage
Bio The Writer left Gallifrey before the Time war, wanting to see the universe. She took her family's vortex manipulator, put in random coordinates, and happened to come to earth. She stayed on earth, because she fell in love with the books, the music, the food absolutely everything about the planet. She uses the manipulator to go on adventures in her free time.
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Um, can I be a Timelady?

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My new oc
Name:Jameson fangwater
skills: engineering, repair
Age: 19
Personality:friendly and kind
Backstory: the docter tartis broke on his planet and bolts helped dic repair it the docter asked him to come along with him and bolts agreed


is underneath the control console tinkering you walk in ay can you hand me that sonic screwdriver mate

ive been watching allot of doctor who i can stoop waching it its so good ^_^even though the doctor looks cute O_O

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Hello everyone~

Art: Ryuu Girl
Lexa: (c) me (+Lexa Crisis420​)

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name: wolfos maximum
nickname: wolfie wagtail
gender: male
age: 16
species: cryodarian dark wolf
sexuality: pan sexual
magic:fire, shocker, conjurer, wind, alchemy, sword magic, body tranformation
personality:funny, friendly as can be, will do anything to help someone in need, intense when in battle
likes: his pet golum, magic pranks, and reading manga
dislikes: bullies, and monsters
weapons: keyblade
marks: huge 4 claw scare across the chest
bio: woke up in some strange forest bloody and beaten  no memory and stumbles upon the magic academy on the brink of death reaches the door and passes out then wakes up in the infirmary now he lives here trying to learn a spell to regain his memory he has retained some memory like his name and personality but thats about it the doctor found him and patched him up and restored his memory his planet cryodoria was swallowed up by the darlecs but his will was strong enough he was able to survive and crash landed on this world trying to find anyone who survived besides him. now he is the doctors faithful companion

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My fav band, if the GIF doesn't play, tap the post
Animated Photo

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Name mdog
Age ?
She's met the doctor before there good friends.

(I don't know what else to add)
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