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Hp Stream 11 (1st. generation) still works just fine. HDMI port is a gem. Not bad for just 2 gigs of ram.😎😎😎
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run it with Neverware's CloudReady and it will run like a dream :D

Help, machine indicates plugged in not charging 

I am experiencing problems getting the trackpad to work on a 2015 HP Stream 11 (11-d008TU) after installing Window 10 latest version. No problems with an equivalent 2016 HP Stream (11-r007TU) model. I tried installing the trackpad driver from the HP site but no luck. Any ideas? 

I just got my HP Stream 11 from a local pawn shop for $89. The model is d011wm I think. What year is this 2015 or 2016?

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#RealCarRacing : No Limits Enjoy thrilling Car racing game 

Happy Early New Year (I'm doing this cause I'll probably be too lazy to do this later xD)

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I have the 2015 version but want the 2014 version. Could someone tell me if I made the right decision in buying the 2015 version? (The 2016 version wasn't made when I bought my Stream)
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HP Stream 11 2014
HP Stream 11 2015
HP Stream 11 2016

Should I be using IE with AdBlocker Plus or Edge? IE runs faster for me

How can I zoom out on my stream? It zoomed my desk top in too much 
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