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Update. Improved sensitivity capture checkers.

Added 40 new levels

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Added Ice surface and rocky border
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In the current pack levels will be "ice surface" image to the board changed. We are preparing two more pack levels. They will be a normal surface.

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Released a web version of the game
Throw Checkers | Little Stories
Throw Checkers | Little Stories

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Added gameplay video

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screenshots, which were prepared to participate for the contest
game screenshots for the contest
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Description game
The game is developed on Unity3D, mainly for tablets. All physics written by us without using any built-in or third-party libraries .

Goal: to beat the opponent's checkers from the board
Mechanic : mouse click on his checker, and a sharp movement mouse toss pot. Initial speed checkers depends on how sharply throw was made .

At this point in the game 10 levels with different sets of checkers player and the opponent's checkers . Opponent is the computer . There are three types of enemy difficulty : easy , medium and difficult . For completing the level given star (1 , 2 or 3 stars depending on the difficulty level ) , as well as offering the next level.

Checkers are of three types :
1. Infantry. The simplest block , without features. Weight 1.
2 . Gunner . Feature: all checkers bounce by 25% stronger position. Weight 2 .
3 . Tank. Feature: Absorbs 25% of the momentum from the impact. Weight 6.
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