I've been a fan of Pat Lang for more than a decade (ever since I read his important article opposing the Iraq War), know his subsequent thinking and writings well, and agree with this article.

I've argued that the US, Europe (Britain, France and Germany), Russia, Iran and the Syrian government should join forces to defeat ISIS -- but that this will probably not happen, since the Israel lobby will fiercely oppose it. They bank on the US being in sharp conflict with every nation in the world that is in sharp conflict with Israel -- The US/Israel vs. the whole damned world for eternity.

The Gulf States are, of course, useless in this battle -- they are almost ISIS themselves -- as is Turkey.

So look forward to a gigantic mess looking forward -- the US is unable to form any kind of realistic and effective policy in the Mideast with regard to ISIS, the Palestinians and every other issue thanks to the hijacking of American foreign policy by the Israel lobby (especially the neocons and neolibs).

Both Trump and Sanders have called for American cooperation with Russia in the battle against ISIS -- the neocon-controlled mainstream media are trying to mute their sentiments as much as possible -- don't even put that policy option on the table. Censor discussion of that proposal, pretend you didn't even hear it mentioned.

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