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We have had a member use inappropriate language today. She was banned from the community and blocked from me as well as reported. I want to remind you all that YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE PROFANITY here. If you do, you I will be blocked (from messaging /commenting to me), banned, and reported.


1). Absolutely no profanity
2). No sexual content at all
3). No hate speech
4). No harassment

All four ponies had a bath yesterday. All my tack got cleaned. Saddle pads and polo wraps were washed. Now I'm ready for the clinic. I am not going to ride very much leading up to the clinic. I want to give Cricket a beak.

News flash! I'm actually taking Cricket to the clinic. And YES! We are going to canter!!!! I worked on it tonight and we should be ready. I am a little nervous but I'll get over it. Im gonna do the very best I can.

Tonight, Cricket and I worked hard on walk to canter transitions -- something that is kind of hard for me and her to do without getting rushed or upset. She was a little angry but she we were okay. She threw one big buck when I kicked her a bit but she won't do it again as I really got after her. I am a big fan of positive reinforcement and use clicker training. Cricket and I also really worked on stopping because I need to have good breaks.

Hellooo all!! Welcome to a couple of new members. :)

Update: I am taking Eittil to the clinic instead of Cricket due to the fact that I don't need to deal with a herd bound, hyper, and distracted mare. LOL. Eittil's such a dolly -- so sweet and very good under the clinic type circumstances.

Oh -- new tip for cleaning tack: Use regular soap and water. Once you wipe it down with a clean (damp) cloth, hang in the sun to dry for about 5 - 10 minutes. It'll dry it a little bit so you don't have rubbery leather. :D Don't leave it out too long otherwise you'll have brittle leather. LOL. Play around with the time -- see what works for you. :)

Last day in Ohio 😭

Tomorrow, I leave for #EquineAffaire in Ohio. :P

I am so excited. Sadly, I will not be able to talk / post as there is no wifi. :|

~ L

So. Bored.

Guess what?! I rode Eittil today in the swamp (not to far in because I didn't want to get stuck) and we galloped around a bit. He was totally awesome! #PonyPower

We had so much fun and after I helped Mom and Dad wrangle a pig, I hopped on him bareback to play. He's so awesome. :) I wish he wasn't 22 already because he's getting up there. :(

Warning: Suuuuper long post. I haven't been on a laptop in a while and needed to spill bigtime!

I'm super excited to have +Olivia McCrory over tomorrow! Though it be wet and icky here, we might be able ride.

On a side note, Cricket is being a typical butthead about groundwork. Ughhhhh. She's playing dumb even though she knows what I'm asking Uggggh! Silly pony. I am probably gonna groom her and hand walk her around today as it's icky and she really needs a break. Tomorrow, with +Olivia McCrory, I might do some no stirrups riding. It oughta be fun.

I should do something with Takoda soon. He's gettin' kinda lazy. LOL. He's so sweet though and is a heck of a lot less food aggressive than last year. He's becoming quite the gentleman.

As for Sunny, she has lost a bit of weight but needs to stop being such a pushy little bratface. Ugh! She always cuts me off if she thinks I have food. Little brat.

Eittil's doing totally awesome -- just being cute Eittil. He needs weight put on him though. i don't ride him much but he always is playing (and picking on) with Takoda so that's where all his calories are going. When the pasture comes in though, it'll be easier to put / keep weight on him. For now, we are gonna try to limit riding and start giving him extra grain.

Today's plan for ponies is pretty easy -- I have to get ready for +Olivia McCrory to come over so I don't have a whole lot of time to spend with ponies. I'm going to groom Cricket and practice showmanship with her today (easy-peasy -- no lunging / groundwork!) and while she is being messed with, tie Sunny up (she needs to learn to stand tied). While Sunny is tied, I'm gonna give Takoda extra grain / hay in the roundpen and leave some hay / grain out for Eittil because no one can steal it from him. Then I might work with Sunny.

Okaaaay I thought I was done but I need to tell about Sunny. Sunny is an amazingly cute Haflinger that we bought in early May 2015. She was pretty dang cheap (like, $400 cheap!) for a registered Haflie. Reason for selling so cheap? She just needed a good home because they were getting out of horses. Mom hasn't had time to ride Miss Bunny as I call her so I have been working with her. But, the times Mom does ride, Sunny moves around at the mounting block. After clicker training, Sunny has become very willing to learn and please, making the process of getting her to stand easier. So, I can mount Sunny without her moving around. Although she may be far away from showing walk/trot/canter, we probs are gonna take her to RedFlannelSaddleClub and show walk trot and halter.

First clinic in April 30th!!!
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