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Name:flake burns
his story: the gray is from his wongs from battles he fought but the grays supposed to be metal that's why I put it and he was 6 when he fought the wars after a long time he lost his way home and don't in the last battle he did so he had to make his own home and other things to survive in the field where the battles were
Skills:making gear
Kingdom:mud wings kingdom
species:mud and sky wing

(Metal made by my sister +Little Nightmare​. Go check her out)

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Name: NightWatcher
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Breed: NightWing RainWing Hybrid
Mother: Open ask
Father:Open ask
Sister(s):Open ask
Brother(s):Open ask
Friends: Open in roleplay
Enemies: Open in roleplay
Allies: Open in roleplay
Crush: Open in roleplay
Crusher:Open You choose
~ Reading minds
~ Telling the future
~ Being a hybrid
Abilities(Unusual,or special):
~ Reading minds
~ Telling the future
~ Rainwing abilities
~ NightWing Abilities
Eye Color(EC): Pitch Black,but can be changed due to Rainwing abilities
Not mentioned/Showed markings: A tear drop marking right below her eye(See: Wings of Fire: Moon Rising)
Similer to: MoonWatcher(See: Wings of Fire: Moon Rising)

Be mindful it might not make perfect sense since I did borrow it from MY collection

i should say what's required,
well basically you have your own dragon OC that has to be part of one of the tribes of pyrrhia.
and i ask that you read wings of fire so you know what you are getting into

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