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What order should I post between my Facebook business page and personal wall?
“Do I post to my business page than share to my personal, or my personal and then to my business? Does it matter?”

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Should I put my prices on my website?
I have seen this question a lot lately and it is one I often receive in my marketing coaching and retreats.
It is truly a personal choice with no right or wrong, (although it can affect your bottom line and the type of clients you attract). I do have some strong views when it comes to transparency pricing.

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I have been accused of being a BLOG Pusher!

It is true. I am a HUGE believer in writing blogs. Relentlessly, I promote my clients to include blogging when developing their business plans. As one of the most effective tools to attract clients, blogging is used more frequently than ever by professionals. It is the solution to so many challenges a business owner encounters in their marketing…
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