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Hey, I'm hoping to bring this community alive, but restarting it. I hope y'all are alright with that...

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Hi my name is Carmen Winstead. I'm 17 years old. I am very similar to you... Did I mention to you that I'm dead. A few years ago a group of girls pushed me down a sewer hole to try and embarrass me. When I didn't come back up the police came. The girls said that I had fell and everyone believed them. The police found my body in the sewer. I had a broken neck and my face was torn off. Send this message to 15 people after you read the whole message if you value your life! A boy called David received this message. He just laughed and deleted it. When he was in the shower he heard laughing... MY LAUGHTER! He got really scared, rushed to his phone to repost this message... But he was too late. The next morning his mum entered his bedroom and all she found was a message written in his blood saying, "You will never have him back!" No one has found his body yet... because he is with me! A girl called Charlotte received this message and she immediately sent it to 25 people (10 more than required). I still watch over every second of her life to make sure that she is safe and to keep her and everyone close to her out of danger. Reshare this to 15 people in the next 5 minutes if you don't want your fate to be the same as David's. Your time starts... NOW! The story is true you can research It on google

*Emmi wanted some way to look around town but she had no way on doing so, having to wait for others to stop interrupting her. She ran into many people which led her to becoming friends with some of them. But, it was only small talk and she thought she would never really see them again. She made her way into the forest and sat down by a small lake. She sighed as she wet her hands with the water.*

Anyone want to rp in the hangouts or rp here in general?

{{For +Avatar Tay, +Chainlink Wolf Survivor, , +Tentega Araint Bancknag, and whoever else wants to join. Open RP}}

Atominacal was being hugged by Tay. Frantale laid on the ground. Archern was next to Ford. Cosorent sat next to Tay

Archern: I've always hated unicorns. The cheating and lying scum are annoying as a lake full of hazardous waste. He growled darkly

Frantale: Archern met a unicorn before and they made fun of him and he almost lost it. Archern almost wanted to set their home alight with white flame. He literally threatened a unicorn that way.

{{In the Extraterrestrial ship. Open to anyone}}

Atominacal was laying on a rafter of the ship under the town. Something caught his attention. He blended into the colors of his surroundings. Atominacal followed the noise to see that it was you

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Anyone want to rp? I have four characters that I can use.
1. Atominacal
2. Archern
3. Frantale
4. Cosorent
I can make it, but whoever wants to rp has to choose somewhere to have it.
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Here is an update to Atominacal.

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Being a hero means fighting back, even when it seems impossible.
Name: Atominacal
Age: 2,000 (human years), 200,000 (dragon years)
Gender: male
Personality: brave, kind, gentle, calm, friendly, aggressive when needed, protective, strong, loyal, secretive at times, and trustworthy
Species: dragon (Nightwing & Rainwing cross)
Weapons: claws, teeth, wings, talons, and strength
Powers: telepathy, tell prophecies, breathe fire, and change color of scales on emotions
Zodiac Sign: portal
Voice: like Stanford Pines but deeper
Theme Song: Soldier On: by Sidewalk Prophets
Bio: "I don't want to talk about it. There's too many memories of what happened that I can't tell anyone"
~ Atominacal
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I really like this comic dub.
!Warning:! Some things will be sad/grotesque.
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