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And you don't have to worry about getting banned for all that stupid stuff most of these community ban you for unless your just annoying or posting pictures that are not associated with Pokemon

The ChaoEmperor wants to know which Pokémon you would do if you were to order a custom made mascot costume. Tell us your thoughts in the comments, then in the Fall, save up your money and email either from Mascot Shows or to have your character custom made.

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Here's the Shiny Hoenn Starters to you guys and everyone is able to get one!

How to enter:
1) YOU MUST FIRST comment your FC and IGN and share this post to ANOTHER Pokémon community, unless you will be ineligible to receive this gift
2) Add my FC and Moderator Ming's FC as well and we will Link Trade you the starters. Our

Giveaway ends Saturday at 11:59 PM MST

We will distribute the Shiny Hoenn starters when we can. Enjoy! :D

FC: 4570-9341-2104
IGN: Palex

FC: 1091-7755-8155
IGN: Ming

Join our Discord chat for several giveaways every week! Right now the Moderator and Moderator Associate Team are hosting a Shiny Diancie giveaway and a tournament as well

Looking for jirachi

We need to get this community up and running tell me what I can do to get it started and I'm also looking for mods

Got a shiny Eevee any offers

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There's an app on the app store called Dexter it does all type of stuff like team building comparing pokemon and others thing check it out

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Anyone wanna help me get Porygon-Z??
Animated Photo

Anybody got a shiny turtwig

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