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1) Make a profile, and be detailed as possible. Details are important!

2) Please use correct grammar. Please note text talk. It'll make you seem like you're uneducated, so please don't use text talk.

3) Must need an approved profile before you start Role Playing.

4) Respect your fellow members, owners, and mods.

5) Pieces of Eden will not be allowed for some time. Only in story aches will one be up for grabs.

6) Please, this community is meant to be for everyone. So not sex anything above kissing, will require you to take it to a private post or to hangouts.

7) Cussing is allowed in Role playing! Outside of Role Playing towards any owner or mods or fellow members will result in a two day ban.

8) We will operate by the three strikes and you are out.
First strike will result in a two day ban.
Second strike will result in a week ban.
Third strike will result in permanent ban.

9) No canon characters, or being related to any canon characters, though you may have the same last name of a canon character you can not be related to them.

10) Eagle Vision has become obsolete, since the technology has evolved so much where anyone can tell who is foe, ally, and main target.

11) If you wish to be a Mentor or a Grand Master of a certain area and you are not a trusted member or mod. Please fill out the resume in the links section to copy and paste it from the post.

12) Now this rule will imply to members that have been here for a while and wish to become a mod. If you wish to be a mod please fill out the resume in the links section to copy and paste it from the post.


The Year is 3025, the secret war between the Templars is going on, while now the both sides are now in a war with the first civilization who wishes to wipe both sides out, and plan on enslaving humanity, the Templars have moved on from trying to find pieces of Eden for, they aren't as important as trying to destroy the brotherhood and the finally once in for all get rid of the first civilization. The Assassins on the other hand are pushing their searches for the hunt of the pieces of Eden. In hopes of using that power against both the Templars and first civilization, now the secret war of the ages begins...

Master Assassin

Master Templar
Grand Master

Profile Template:

Slots taken and up for grabs for being Mentor or Grand Master:

Resume for being a Mentor or Grand Master:

Resume for being a Mod:

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((RP with +Inab 'Zjusee​, +The Tenth Doctor​, +Oliver Wirth​))

Location: New York City, Abstergo building
Time: 3:45 AM

A traitor escaping Abstergo? And the return of the first civilization?

Well early in the morning where surprisingly there are still people up and about mob moving around at Abstergo, where the Grandmaster of The American Rite resides, he rubbing his eyes while looking at his skull mask, one of his guards comes running, explaining that a man that didn't even look to belong in this time, had walked into the building and started killing some men just to get to man. The Grand Master, Jack Kenway, just stands up putting his mask on and throws his hood up and grabs his pistol and starts walking down the stairs. When..

((Ok +The Tenth Doctor​ this is your origin RP))
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Does anyone want to rp, I would of made it but I'm having writers block at the moment

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Code Name:

Looks 27 but really several thousand years old

Race (Human or first civilization):
First civilization

Hair Length:
Short, very short.

Facial Hair:
Scruffy beard

Eye Color:
A dark yellow



First civilization


Doesn't have a rank.

A cane sword
A plasma pistol

See picture, it has a very resistance to plasma, along with arm blades on his forearm, but he hardly wears, sometimes he just wears a white turtle neck shirt.

A visor that is used to keep what the assasin call it "Eagle Vision" under control.

Two Weeks by All That Remains

Being like most of the first civilization there is barely anything known about his kind. But unlike most of his kind that follow Juno and her belief that they want to enslave all of humanity. Aiden doesn't wish slave all of humanity but only a handful that he thinks that shouldn't have a free will to choose. The which to him will involve the Assassin's and Templars, which is funny as he sometimes is seen actually working with both sides, but that is for is own reasons, which he doesn't wish that to share with anyone, but instead leave everyone guessing.
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Kali Delano

Code Name:


Race (Human or first civilization):

Hair Length:
Raven Black, Shoulder length, shaggy and slightly messy

Facial Hair: None

Eye Color:




Jude Delano: Templar (2220)
Sarri Delano: Templar (2999)


Hidden blades

Bow and arrows

Throwing knives

Sawed off shotgun.

( In pictures below)

Light Metallic wings attached to her back, usually hidden under her cloak/sweater, that allow her to glide through the air. They have razor sharp edges, so they can also be used as a weapon if needed.


Bio: Born in Canada, on the island of Newfoundland, Kali was raised by Templar parents, who raised her to be nothing less than a Templar Grand Master or at least an Assassin. Her childhood, if one could even call it that, was full of ruthless training, and endless, mind drilling lessons. Failure was not an option for her. She was expected to follow in her parent's footsteps, and they reminded her of that every chance they got. But un-known to them, the constant pushing, pressuring, and demanding actions was causing a seed of hate and anger to grow in her. She started to resent the Templar order, and wanted nothing to do with their plans for her, but she continued on, because due to her secluded life in training, she did not know there were other options for her out there, but she would soon learn.

Years later, when she was around 20, she was sent on her first mission. An assassination in another continent. She was only given her Target's name, A "James Kenway", and what he looked like, nothing more. It took her a week of searching but she finally found him on a rainy day, sitting on a roof just looking at the view. She attacked, but to her surprise he moved out of the way, as if he had known she was there the whole time...they fought for hours, each matching the other's skill, till finally she slipped on the roof's slick tiles, barely saving herself in time by grabbing the edge. She expected him to finish her off, was waiting gratefully for it in fact. She did not want to return to the Templar, to her home. Dying would be better. As if he could sense this, he decided to spare her, offering her a place in the Assassin's brotherhood. She excepted without a second thought.

When she first arrived, naturally they didn't take too kindly to her at first. She was a Born and Raised Templar, who came from a long line of Templars. She was an enemy, not to be trusted in anyway. But, she soon proved them wrong. She trained harder, and longer than any of the other Recruits, and worked her way up to Assassin faster than any of them. Since then, her name became well known in the brother hood, mostly because every new recruit had to be warned not to mention certain things around her, including Templars, and her height, unless they wanted to get their ass handed to them. a year or so, her mentor, the man who had helped her find this life, James Kenway, turned on them all, and joined the Templar...and even though she was more upset then anyone about it, she still would not tolerate anyone disrespecting him in front of her. Because James was gone, she stepped up and became the new Mentor, to rebuild the Canadian Brotherhood. She was 24. But ever since then, she would disappear for hours, or even days on end, in solitude. And it wasn't long before the others knew, that this was also, not something to question her on. Jack betraying her had left a permanent scar, one that she would not be able to forgive him for easily.
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Name: Lex Bolten
Code Name: Brunette Thor
Age: 17
Race: Human
Ancestry:Ezio,Edward,Frye Twins, Korro Chaka(Mayamn Princess)
Rank: Assassin Recruit
Weapons: 1 Assassin Gauntlet, 1 Hidden Blade(from Unity), 2 pistols, 1 SMG
Armor:Several pieces if Kevlar, Robotic Arm
Utilities: Hacking Equipment, lock picks,Robot Arm
Theme: Renegades(x ambassadors)
Bio: As one if the few members of the Templars to defect, Lex was one of the first to experiment with the same type of animus that Desmond used in AC2. Being trained to hate the Assassins, he felt lost, and discovered the truth: Assassins help people, not enslave them, and the Templars are total Asshats. 

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||~May I suggest Templar units~||

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Input Password...


Password Accepted!

Accessing Plasma Weaponry File

In the year 2555 plasma weaponry was in its early stages and was usually not affective against enemies, bear in mind it still did damage but it also had a high chance of damaging the user and anyone close to them as well. Zoom ahead a few years (Fifteen to be exact) and plasma was finally out of its testing stages but it was still primitive and the rifle almost weighed as much the user and could either shoot out a beam or a large ball of it.

Zoom ahead to today and plasma weapons are much more advanced then they were before, they could fore like a normal gun could with regular ammunition and even plasma swords or knives can be built now (pictures down below).

Weapons Mechanics

Because Plasma Weapons do not have conventional ammunition they are often needed to be charged with electricity but its not like a phone or computer when it comes to charging it, like when you have to plug it into a wall to get battery. It usually comes with a small battery pack to charge the weapon. If shooting a weapon with plasma based projectiles after a long period of time it will over heat and will need to cool down with the heat ducts built into every gun.

Closing File...

Have a Good Day!
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||~Name: Alexander Daniel Flores

||~Code Name: The Red Sword

||~Age: 55

||~Race: Human

||~Hair Length: Medium grey

||~Facial Hair: long Grey

||~Eye Color: Brown

||~Height: 6'0

||~Weight: 160

||~Allegiance: Templar

||~Ancestry: His Ancestry went far to the point of Templars settling in Mexico and building there Rise of Power

||~Rank: Grand master

||~Weapons: Two Swords and Hidden blades built with other items such as Darts~Smoke~Guns, Rope dart

||~Armor: Heavy bullet and plasma proof armor made to take heavy damage upon impact, Hemet built in with tracking and other visions to see

||~Utilities: Storage of His items and Money

||~The Necklace Of Edan~Control over the brain unlocking more to gain new abilities but...With a cost of losing something in yourself

||~Theme(s): For whom the bell tolls- Metallica

||~Bio: As a young boy he was trained to become a Skilled Leader and fighter that could build a Empire in Mexico. In the years of the early stages of the templars brought up the settlement in Mexico started in the years of 1565 where the first Templars set foot upon the land. His first fathers began the History of the Templar rule in Mexico and had fought the assassins for many generations. Now his years have come upon him to finally search for a legendary artifact left by the Aztecs long ago but we all know where it was first made and by whom......
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