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Name- [First and Last; Nickname]

Age- [At least high enough to be in high school]

School- [Iwatobi, Samezuka]

Talent(optional)- [Basketball, Swimming, Dancing, etc]


Looks- [Hair/eye color, etc]


Description(optional if new): [background, mental/physical problems]

Family- [Names included]

Anything else you would like to include-


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[ Eternal Summer Update ]
"I'm proud and very excited to be back here with the swim club."

"Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea, it may sound silly but it's what I think!"

"True beauty lies in within, not what's on the outside. Don't give up your attention to a show off."

"I bought a great cake that day I walked into that outstanding bakery. But more importantly, I met you that day, Kasai!"


"Miyazaki { Kishiko } Floyd!"

Miyazaki: Shrine Cape.
Kishiko: Child of the seashore.
Floyd: One with gray hair.


Kishiko ( Her middle name; only lets close friends call her that ).
Floyd-Sama ( Given by baker )
Floyd Chan ( Given by Kasai )

**She very much dislikes when someone calls her by her last name { Miyazaki } and only lets a few people call her that.


"Floyd or Narwhal Obsessed."


18 years


"Female the last time I checked."


Floyd tries to be as social as possible but turns out quiet. She blends in with crowds often and tries not to stick out as much. She often shows that she cares by doing something thoughtful like packing a homemade lunch for someone. She is often happy but her emotionless face says otherwise. Sometimes she can be seen as an energetic swimmer while other times, students describe Floyd as anti-social. She may seem unapproachable at first, says a friend, but can soften up easily. Due to past incidents she may latch onto you and seem clingy and over protective. Another flaw to mention is that Floyd can be VERY blunt when giving her statement or opinion on something, and won't hesitate to tell the truth. She stays often on task when she has to and is very sensitive when it comes to anything like feelings, especially when being a captain.


Current School:
"Iwatobi High School."
Iwatobi Middle School (former)
Iwatobi Elementary (former)


Attending Year:
"..3rd Year."




"125 lbs"


"February 5th."




"Color? I would say I have a blue-green hue."
"I mean- I guess I have wide eyes but not like those famous models or anything!"


"To me my hair is pretty long. It goes to about half of my back and sometimes I put it in a side braid or a bun. Especially when swimming! Sometimes I pull most of my longer strands of hair into a smaller bun so that my short strands of hair could show and stuffs."


Total Appearance:
Floyd's appearance is similar to those around her but she has a stronger body build and nice curves. She has flat abs but continues working out to grow stronger. Her attire consists of the regular female uniform for Iwatobi High, a T-Shirt that says 'Floyd' on it along with ripped jeans and a letterman jacket, a shirt and leggings that go up to her ankle with an apron over for her working times at the bakery, a blue/white tank top with a baby blue cardigan and finally a bathing suit with purple designs at the ends.

Nozomi Tojo, Love Live!


Miyazaki has a caring and soft spot for small animals such as both cats and dogs, even fish. She absolutely loves the Narwhal and keeps a phone charm of one attached to her wrist, basically wearing it as a bracelet. She enjoys reading and studying, especially in a quiet place. She isn't one to yell over small things; Miyazaki can tolerate things longer than others. She likes spicy foods such as different types of curry and meats. Her favorite color is lavender (the color of her school bag) and of course she enjoys swimming.

In her free time, Floyd liked to sleep a lot or either studies with a classmate or her older brother, finding it distracting to study by herself. Her best classes are different language classes, anything that has to do with reading/writing and the music and arts.


Starting off with what she hates MOST to LEAST. Number one on the list is Stormy, rainy weather, it's her number one fear. She tends to stay up half of the time reading or studying to take her mind off it. She doesn't like being in crowded areas; she also fears of grabbing unwanted attention. She has a habit of playing with her sleeve which'll distract her from doing her work. She doesn't like sea food at all but still eats it when she must. Floyd doesn't wear make up often due to training and same goes with skirts, unless it's for school. There are a few people who extremely dislike Floyd ( more details in the bio ) 


"High School Student at Iwatobi high school but during my free time I work at a bakery that is run by a sweet older woman."


"Iwatobi Swim Club."
Iwatobi Highschool Choir (former?)
Iwatobi Middle School Girls Volleyball Team (former)


Iwatobi Girls Swim Team || Vice Captain
Iwatobi Girls volleyball team captain (former)


Swim Style:
"Backstroke is my specialty! But I can do Freestyle (crawl) and butterfly too."


Events Participated/To Participate In:
100 meters, 200 meters and 4x100 meter relay ( all in either backstroke or butterfly. )


Murano Hana, Mother ( Dead )
Miyazuno Ienobu, Father ( Dead )
Miyazaki Furuya, Older Brother ( Alive )
Miyazaki Misako, Grandmother ( Alive at the moment )


Friends/Other Relationships:
Satsuki Koyama, Friend, (Alive)
Mishima Ryuchiko, Classmate, (Alive)
Manami Chise, Friend, (Alive)
Naomi Hamasaki, Classmate, (Alive)
Akane, Best Friend, (Alive)
Kasai Hitomaro, Best Friend, (Alive)
Maoami Hiyoshina, Captain/Classmate, (Alive)
Mei Inubaru, Bakery Boss, (Alive)
Yuzuki Tsukino, Boss's Niece, (Alive)
« main characters »
Haruka Nanase, Classmate and romantic interest, ( Free )
Makoto Tachibana, Classmate ( Alive )
Rei Ryūgazaki, swimming club ( Almost drowning )
Nagisa Hazuki, swimming club, ( Alive )
Gou Matsuoka, manager, ( Alive )
Rin Matsuoka, rival(?), ( Alive )


"Not much happened as a child but I always had a love for the ocean and the oceans unicorn! So beautiful and graceful, the narwhal. Ah yes back to my story! It all started when I moved back to Iwatobi after visiting America for some while. I've seen people swimming on TV and I've usually paid more attention to them than anything else. Since then I've always wanted to be like the professionals. Some of the children from my elementary school also went for swimming classes so I followed in their choices willingly. I've mastered Freestyle and Backstroke by then. Then came middle school. I didn't do much, except join the music arts program and become the captain of the girls volleyball team, but I also exercised enough to start swimming again by the time I reached high school. My leadership and perseverance skills had increased and so did my experience. I wasn't as interested in music as I grew older anymore my my older brother always insists to start singing again. I was happy at first but I envied the other swimmers who had a more built body and more swimming experience than I did. I joined the Iwatobi Swim Club to prove to them that I was one of the best female swimmers. That was what motivated me to start swimming again and join the team!"
Current Status:
"I've been visiting different places in Iwatobi since I never had time to explore the place when I first moved. It sounds quite silly, doesn't it? I sent in an application to the manager and advisor of the Iwatobi Swim Club and I'm hoping to get a response soon! Until then, I shall be working on my upper body strength and lower body strength. I've ran into two of the third year swimmers on the team, Haruka Nanase and Tachibana Makoto who've introduced me to some of the town and school. The pool is sooo big! Well, bigger than any of the pools I've seen.. The aquarium is really nice too! Maybe it would be better if they had more narwhals! The orcas, dolphins and sharks caught me off guard.. Ah! Moving on, I have a fear of storms and I often end up staying up during the night and often distract myself by studying. I have an 80% average in school and find myself very independent. I live in a house with my grandmother whom I often look up to for advise. While I live in Iwatobi, my older sibling lives in Yokohama.. Or was it Tokyo? Well they attend a university and live away. My parents are dead but they used to work together at a cafe. Romantic right? After they got married, they opened it right up then had me.. Unfortunately after they passed away the shop was closed away. It was demolished. I moved to another part of Iwatobi with my grandmother. Aha I found a small cafe- Er well, Bakery that is run by a small old lady. To pay the bills, I work there when there's no practice. Mm, while Iwatobi may seem like a great place, which it is, there are a few bad people.. But that's nothing to worry about at this time! I enjoy Iwatobi, everyone I know, and my job!"

Updated Parts hue

Floyd has been unexpectedly ranked Team Captain for her character traits. She had ran into a few more swimmers that have also recently joined the girls swimming team from her school. Fellow third years, Mimi, Naomi and Satsuki.
Furuya~ Started playing other sports. His change in character really alarmed Floyd, causing her to move further away from him.
Floyd has often been thinking about either becoming an engineer and following her brothers and fathers footsteps of to attend a university specifically for music/arts.
A few of Floyd's rivals are returning to Japan from America, except for Akane, who was a long lost friend of Floyd's.
Her Rivals: Floyd had often fought with a few students with her friend Akane right next to her. There was physical violence included, but only a few punches and kicks since they were like, 12.
Akari: Psh she ends up leaving Floyd behind to go move to Tokyo without saying anything. Surprisingly, Floyd is okay with this.
Most of the people she ran into are swimmers-
I dunno if this is allowed but
[ Romantic Interest : Haruka Nanase ]
[ Future Events that impacts Floyd/Small Spoilers!! ]

Fire Flower
"Ah yes. I was kinda forced to move into an apartment due to a fire in the beginning of the year, since my small pay couldn't afford another house. The firemen were unsure of what caused it, whether it be that the stove was left on or if the lightening struck the house. ..It was during.. What, November? Yeah, it wasn't that long ago. So November. My grandmother wanted to stay home since it was quite stormy, even though she knew I was afraid of storms. Luckily my friend Akane was running with her brand new camera and bragging all about the different types of camera, as always so I walked to school with her. Anyways, a fire had started in the house, taking away my grandmother along with the house and most of the valuable possessions inside."

Kasai's Influence
It was quite a stormy week to be honest. For both of their safety, Mei closes the bakery for a few days. Respectively, she goes along with this choice, also agreeing since their bakery was much more closer to the water. The flood counts for Iwatobi had been pretty high the years before. Also she would feel pretty bad if the shop were to flood while she was at the counter. Even though Floyd truly enjoyed working there, she just wanted to buy sweets that day. In result of his, Floyd had to take two rounds of public transportation to the only bakery that was left near to her home. As she stepped into the ginormous bakery, Floyd was astonished at how many Samezuka students were here. She recognized a few of them from relays, but obviously they wouldn't recognize her. There were also some students that have met with the Boys Side of Iwatobi's swimming team. Moving on, Floyd's sweet tooth would always need satisfaction almost everyday. As the teal eyed girl ordered her choice of sweet, the blue haired male decided to spark a conversation. The conversation arched all the way over on how much fun swimming had been through out Floyd's life. Happily, Floyd agreed that Kasai should start swimming at Samezuka. Even though it was only to impress Floyd, she had felt a bit proud that she had influenced a student to join a sports team. Even if it was a rivaling team. That day, Floyd had chose the perfect cake, but couldn't eat it until she got home.



Stamina: 3/5
Body: 4/5
Mental Strength: 3/5
Water Repellency: 5/5
Logic: 4/5


[[ Trivia ]]

» Only known by Floyd's former friends who either reside somewhere in America or Japan, Floyd often cries a lot, redeeming the nickname "cry baby".
» Floyd's was given that name at birth by her father because she was born with gray hair, which eventually fell black.
» Ethnicity: Japanese from her mother's side and American from her fathers side. ovo
» Floyd wears glasses sometimes and has to wear prescribed goggles.
» IF YOU COULD NOT TELL ALREADY, the animal that represents Floyd would be a narwhal/e.
» IF YOU DIDNT READ THE ENTIRE BIO, Floyd often got into fights.
» Future Fish:: Floyd had been planning to go to a school got performing arts OR an engineering school to follow in her father and brothers foot steps.
» Feelings towards swimming:: Floyd finds swimming to be fun and relaxing, competitive or not. It gives them a sense to trust and adapt to the free environment.
» Floyd is an expert at using her hands and feet. However using stamina and upper body strength is not her specialty.
» Floyd is great at hand/arm sports along with sports that you have to use your feet, most of the strength are in the legs ( which is why she wanted to improve on stamina and upper body strength.
» Best Subject: English, Music
» Worst Subject: Math, Chemistry 
» Favorite Food: Sushi, Chocolate Cake
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Name- Himori Giyama, female

Age- 16

School- second year, Iwatobi High

Talent- Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball, Painting, Drawing, Singing

Height- 5,3

Looks- Dyed light brown hair, dark brown eyes

Clothing- Usually a pastel red sweater and light blue shorts, flip flops or sneakers

Description- Sweet, charming, quiet, caring, misunderstood

Family- Older Brother- Deroni (conflict with anxiety)
Dead parents, missing little sister
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