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Tirada de Tarot Secreta completa:
Conoce como será tu Futuro en 20181
España: 806424332 - España: 934363263
USA Toll Free: 0014076800313
UK Toll Free: 00448081687022
México 00525553510757
Francia: 0033974593093

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Tirada de Tarot Secreta completa:
Conoce como será tu Futuro en 2018
España: 806424332
España: 934363263
USA Toll Free: 0014076800313
UK Toll Free: 00448081687022
México 00525553510757
Francia: 0033974593093

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Precious hearts, I invite you to listen to the Elders December Solstice Transmission ~ The Sacred Cosmic Fire of Peace in a wonderful video production by Karl Morfett. Enjoy. Blessings and much Love

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Many greetings to real "new age" people from Czech republic... 
My name is Michaela, or Myšpule and I am painter... mostly artist and little bit magican. May we will find some way for some type of cooperation...? I send you some of my pictures, more at my website gallery:
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New Series of Webinars Start Today!
Alchemical Shifts with Archangel Metatron

It is time to transform the energies inside of you into magical high vibrations of the Creator!
Create energetic shifts in your body and energetic bodies that will heighten your spiritual experience of enlightenment and divine attunement with the Creator’s universe. It is time to release yourself from your third dimensional perspective and start seeing
yourself as a fifth dimensional being and beyond. Your physical body is magnificent but it can be more powerful and evolved than you have ever before experienced as you allow subtle activations and shift to occur within your being, propelling your perspective of
yourself into new realms of understanding. Archangel Metatron wishes to guide you to work intensely with your physical body to create alterations that support the great soul awakening within you.
Alchemical Shifts are inner movements from current awareness into a greater expanded, free and enlightened awareness of self.
In this three part sessions of connection with Archangel Metatron you will be guided to focus upon three different aspects of Alchemical Shifts.

Part 1- Crystalline Integration within the Body
Archangel Metatron will guide you in merging energies within you to begin the process of transforming your bones, blood and organs into a crystalline consciousness.

Register Now at

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Essential Guidance by Saint Germain
Channelled through Natalie Glasson-19-09-13

Beloved beings of superb light, I draw close to you now sharing my love, grace, magic and the consciousness that I hold as a being moving through the great journey of creation and the Creator’s divine plan. As we move through this journey together and in growing oneness we are unaware of our destiny and unable to truly understand our goal or destination. Such a mysterious journey we are undertaking and yet our faith grows with each step that we take. You may have fears of your ascension and that which you are being guided to experience but once these fears are dissolved and dispersed you will discover within you a core strength stronger than any physical material or object you have every tried to break or mould. Your.... Read More

Blessed are the poor in Spirit for they will see heaven. What is it, dear Ones, that delights our Souls in this way? Is it Karma? No, it is The Creator. Open your Hearts, watch the Lights! We are in New Earth. It is time for the grand invocation called The Golden Christ Flame of Light! Be ready! Be Diligent! I am here. ~Your Mahachohan, Saint Germain

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The Pain of Ascension by the Celestial White Beings

Channelled through Natalie Glasson-

Beloved Magnificent Beings of Light, we come forth with great love and honour for your being and the pathway that your soul has chosen to take on the Earth. You are demonstrating to yourself, to all aspects of the Creator and the universe of the Creator the blessed truth of the Creator. Not only is your pathway supporting your soul’s evolution and understanding of itself but you are supporting the evolution of all.  Your spiritual ascension is like the unfolding of the Creator from within you to reach its greatest potential as a radiant being of light. You may ask why this unfolding is needed but as the Creator unfolds, expands and seeps into all aspects of your being, you are raising the consciousness of everything within and around you. As you ascend so you energise and amplify the entire vibration of the Creator. It is important to understand that your pathway on the Earth is not just personal but benefits and aids a collective consciousness. At this time you are working in a team with humanity to raise the vibration of the Earth through the admittance of light through your being. With every step you are taking you are supportive a collective consciousness in experiencing the Creator. Every situation and experience in your reality could be seen as an exploration on behalf of the Creator and as a tool to raise the collective consciousness of humanity. Each time you master an aspect of your being or do not succumb to your ego this means that the same lesson doesn’t have to be overcome by so many others on the Earth as each of you are accepting aspects of a collective initiation, playing your role in moving all closer to a greater awareness of the Creator. We ask that you value the experience and situations that you are moving through, as you are assisting a deeper unity for all with the Creator.

Moving through your ascension pathway you begin to discover the keys to your spiritual awakening, understanding your innate ability to love, manifest, be at peace and project from within. With this awareness you are then faced with a world of your own creation and the manifestation of the collective consciousness of humanity. So many unneeded and restrictive habits can be absorbed from the collective consciousness of humanity that the outside world can seem vastly different from that which you realise and discover within. As you awaken it could be likened to suddenly realising that you are a superhero and you always have been! You understand most of your abilities and can see your great potential as a being on the Earth. The only problem is that you are aware of your superhero powers but you have to give yourself time to grow into your powers, to become familiar with them and to learn how to wield them in your reality. With a beautiful perspective of yourself it can be painful to not instantly be able to project your powers into your physical reality to make the necessary alterations to the reality that you experience. This in itself can cause pain and suffering until you learn to accept and be content in the speed of your ascension awakening. With many other people around you realising that they are superheroes, it can be difficult not to compare yourself but there is a need to focus on loving yourself unconditionally as this will nurture the divine powers within you at an accelerated rate.

Many people experience suffering because they are not yet able to project the divine that they recognise from within but as you make the transition from awakening into realisation and complete projection from the inside out, you may also find that past creations continue to remain in your aura and mind repeatedly projecting into your reality until you notice them. Ascension is about noticing yourself; there is a need to notice all that is divine within your being but also to notice with a loving heart all that is not.  As you expand your ability to recognise energies and aspects of yourself that need to be projected and that which no longer needs projection you are stepping into your power, as if you are cleaning your superhero suit and preparing to wear it. The process of noticing yourself can feel as if it causes suffering and pain as you realise your habits and focuses, but as you raise your vibrations lower vibrational habits and creations can be experienced as larger than before as they battle with the high vibrations of your being causing friction.

The greatest way to dissolve ascension suffering and pain is to be deeply loving with yourself and your reality at all possible moments, be gentle with yourself and reality while allowing yourself to be as neutral as possible in your reactions to your realisations and projections. It is also essential to be aware that you are in control of your reality, you are the main instrument of creation for your reality and so it is through you that everything flows and is manifested. You are always delivering the vibrations of the Creator through your being, you are constantly be given the most beautiful abundant light to create with and project as and how you wish into your reality. You can project this beautiful light as it is retaining its magnificence or you can project it as a negative thought or a negative circumstance, the light can be moulded into anything that you wish and choose. Becoming confident in the presence of the abundant light within you and that flows through you allows you to bring your attention back to your truth and to an existence of a more neutral nature.

To be neutral is to hold powerful belief and trust in the Creator and light within you, even when you experience suffering and pain, to be neutral is to remain in your attunement and alignment with the Creator. Remembering in essence your magnificence and realising that no pain or hardship can take you away from your power, which is the divine light within you. Your power is also the way in which you choose to use and wield the divine light within you. The purer and more loving your intentions the more power you will recognise within you. With a strong and growing belief of the divine within you, you will notice that extreme reactions to your circumstances and most importantly your creations will lesson, acceptance will become your greatest tool. This will allow for lessened experiences of hardship, suffering and pain because it is often your reaction that causes the most turmoil. Reactions are actually a moment when you have disbelief in the Creator, focusing upon separation and disempowerment. If you can maintain your belief in your power and truth then you reduce your reactions and are able to move through circumstances, habitual projections and self-realisations supported and loved by the Creator.

It is important to realise that there is a magnificently loving power growing within your being, it is your purpose at this time to nurture this power, observing its growth and clearing space for it to expand into. Take time to observe yourself and to sit with your own energies, then it will be easier to be aware of what is occurring within your being as well as the creations and projections you are materialising so that you can either stop or energise them before they become grounded into your reality.

We ask that you sit in meditation, focusing upon your breathing to remind yourself that you are a beautiful light filled peaceful being. You may wish to say this out loud a few times,

 ‘I am a beautiful light filled peaceful being.’

Then ask yourself, what has most preoccupied my mind up until this moment of my day? Observe what your mind is holding onto and allow yourself to breathe it away.

Then ask yourself, what are my emotions most reacting to up until this moment of my day? Observe what your emotions are holding onto and allow yourself to breathe it away.

Continue by asking yourself  what pain, suffering or hardship am I consciously or unconsciously creating up until this moment? Observe but if you are unable to understand simply know that by focusing on breathing away the energies and creations you are erasing them.

Allow yourself to then focus upon the power within your being, begin to breathe from your heart radiating the light of your divine self, your power, building and observing your trust in your own divine power.
Just allow yourself to be in your own energy, observing the growth of the light from within you for as long as you wish.

This is a simple meditation but encourages you to explore much of your energies getting into a habit of dissolving unneeded energies, thoughts, creations or emotions before they manifest and project into your being thus reducing your ascension pain.
We are with you always, loving you unconditionally,

Celestial White Beings

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What are you experiencing? Our bodies and realities seem to be changing so quickly these days! We seem to be purifying in extreme ways while the darkest parts of our beings surface to be released. My family and friends are experiencing this now! Are you? Do things seem tough now and yet you have a higher awareness at the same time or maybe you are experiencing illness?

Hi I am glad to be in this community as I love the wisdom and bliss that emanates from this school
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