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Barry O'Reilly joins us on 15th April to give a free workshop on LEAN ENTERPRISE.


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I've just tried using the Events section for notifying people of Monday's Founders' Assembly.

Any feedback?
Did you see it (I'm just figuring out Google+ communities)? Is it obvious to book through Eventbrite?

and most importantly, are you attending?

Thanks to Ben & Manuel for the LeanStartup meetup last night. Was a great meetup with some really cool business ideas/problems ... Thanks for the book, read the first few pages on the train, I like it...

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The next lean startup meetup takes place on 6/3/2014 at Techhub

Get your ticket here (Limited to 15 attendees)

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We've created Founders' Assembly:

This was prompted by the conversations about accountability and maintaining progress at the last Leanmanc meeting.

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Interesting article discussing experiment MVPs and product MVPs. Builds upon what we were discussing at the last meeting.

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Hi all,

I thought I'd post a link to a one-slide presentation; that's it just one slide.

1) It describes the way I think about what needs to be done in a business. I was thinking about the accountability concept we discussed in the last Leanmanc session and I notice that it's all too easy to just progress in tasks in the technology (or should that be "product development" to cater for other industries?) category. Whereas at different stages of startup and beyond, we may need to focus on other areas. It's a bit of a simplified task-based canvas and I know there are more formal (and more complex) versions out there from business architecture and organisational design (e.g. OCAI). But I don't think most startup founders are in that space. So I thought this would be easier to get to grips with. The other angle is that it moves us away from the sequential path of activities such as found in Steve Blank's Startup Owner Manual.

2) I was curious how easy it would be to share a presentation in this community. Let's see if it works.

Any thoughts?

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