Can I be death the kid please?

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name: Mikan evans 
age: '' a  lady never tells her age'' 
gender: female 
Sexual orientation:  Asexuality 
Partner:  none at the moment 
Weapon form:  fallen angel syth 
Abilities:  black blood  the rest are   unknown 
Type:  serpent  witch
Powers:  like   medusa 
Class:  E.A.T
Personality:  distance  , cold  sometimes sweet  . ,  a little evil    , naughty  , sexy  .
Alignment: neutral
Bio:  she is soul and  maka duaghter but  when she was younger  she  was kidnaped  by  a witch  an she turned  her into  a witch    and she  was raised  by   the  witch   but    she  sent   her here  to destroy  the dwma   but  she  dosen''t want to  .

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Johji walked down the hall of the DWMA to his first class, a little bit of dry walling clung to his hair from the renovations. He hummed quietly as he walked down the hall, the light thump of his cabbit following closely behind him. The boy looked down with his odd coloured eyes and chuckled. 
"H-hey, you shouldn't be in here... It isn't safe for you."
With that he picked up his rabbit and tucked him in his coat. The chilled air must have frosted the hairs on his cabbit. Idly, the boy cuddled Maxi closer to him and ran to his class so he wouldn't be late.


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[Second Profile: Shinigami: Meister]

Name: Tamaki Karliah Williams 
Work Alias: Mr. Williams, Williams, or Will

Nicknames: Outside of work: Tak, Will, Karl or Karliah [His sister usually calls him this while they talk and he hates it.]

Age: Actual Age: One hundred and thirty six [136]
Age: Appears to be: Twenty nine - Thirty one [29-31]

Gender: Male

Species: Shinigami [No relation to the previous shinigami, though they are connected through the school]

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual [Straight]

Partner: Daireann Timothy [+Amyndre Knight]


[Frost Weapon:] 
This ability is caused a great deal by the way Tamaki acts, through his life a witch had cast a spell upon him. He never really understood what it did, nor did he truly care so long as he didn't die from the spell. After years Tamaki learn how to use the spell to help him rather than damage him. So with this ability, Tamaki can coat his weapon partner in an ice shield. This will do an ice damage and also protect the weapon partner. The down side to this ability is that it hurts Tamaki after a while due to the spell implanted inside of him. 

[Soul Search:]
This ability allows Tamaki to see a persons soul several miles away. He can also determine the type of soul, and wavelength within a couple minutes of a conversation, with said person. He can also tell where his target is through a building, though he doesn't usually use this ability to see through buildings unless the target is a major threat.

[Mirrored Wavelength:]
Tamaki only really uses this ability while he is in a star rank battle, or he is testing the Meister and Weapon pairing for another reason. He can match, the wavelength to give his opponent a more fair chance of hitting, him. The down side? He is going to be easier to hit.

[Crystal Sight: Resonate] 
People are easily fooled by Tamaki's glasses and think that he has poor eyesight. Which is what Tamaki wants. He can see a clearly, and is a pretty good shot while he is using a firearm or long ranged weapons. The down side is that he cannot use this ability to the fullest if he does not fully trust his weapon partner, or something happens, and he is unable to fully trust his partner.

Class: N. O. T. [Does not go on missions unless it is necessary.] 

Tamaki is a hard working, workaholic. He tends to shut out the world when he is working, which is often. He comes off as stuck up and sort of selfish to most of his co-workers. Though once you actually get to know Tamaki he is really nice to most people. Though, you will know if he doesn't like you. 

[At Work: To Students:]
To the students he is kind, or at least as kind as what he can be. He is strict when he has to be, and also understanding. It is depending on the situation. He loves working with his students, and loves to watch them grow as individuals, and as pairs. 
[At Work: To Co-Workers:] 
Most people who work with Tamaki call him an ass. They think that he only thinks about himself, though they also see that he is only trying to do what is best for the greater good. He is sociable when needed towards them, and will listen to their problems and work efficiently to try and fix the problem.  

[At Home:] 
At home Tamaki is laid back when he can be. Of course with him being a workaholic, he doesn't usually take a break from his work, and is usually working in his study. Though when he is pulled away from his work in order to relax, he will usually just be at ease, considering he is in his home. 
[At Home: With Friends:] 
Once again he is laid back, though not as much so if he was alone. Most see Tamaki as an introvert [someone who doesn't like social event], so it is rare that he has many people over. [Unless work related in some way, shape or form.]

Tamaki was once bullied as a child. He was top of his class, thin and lanky with glasses and no muscle build. So he was made the target of the bullying. Of course he wasn't a whimp, though, being a shy child he never told anyone, even to this day, he will either go quiet, ignore the fact or deny it. 
At home, he was still shy, he knew he was different, and since he didn't live with his mom and dad, he didn't want to tell his guardians about his "difference from them" because he thought they would freak out. The only person he talked to about his problems, was his "brother" [neé: sister]. Even then he didn't want to tell his sibling everything. 
Finally he gave up and ran. He knew he would be able to survive on his own so, he risked it. For years he traveled on his own, he found a job and lived a simple life as a "human" until he heard about the DWMA. He wanted to know what it was like to live as a Meister and have a weapon counter-part, or he left. 
He studied hard and found his weapon partner, a mixture of many different weapons which was fine with him, considering he was able to adapt and connect with her personality. 
He was given a position as a teacher before the attack, and he had grown close with the Lord Death when he taught. When the school was shut down Tamaki was crushed. Though he understood the situation, and volunteered to take over the school as the "head master." The offer was excepted and Tamaki reopened the school shortly after making a couple minor adjustments. 


-Hair Style: Well kept, though with the tendency to flare out at the tips. 
-Hair Colour: Golden blond colour with darker gold/brown lowlights and almost white highlights. [Depending on the lighting].

-Eye Shape: An almost almond like shake with angled corners. 
-Eye Colour: Copper colour with gold/yellow flecks.
-Eye Lashes: Full eye lashes that most people have commented on for being "feminine"

 -Height: 6'1'' 
-Weight: 133 lbs
-Build: A thin shoulder set with a slightly broad chest. His muscle mass is average, with the exception of his core. Other than that he is lanky.

-Accessories: His glasses, a thin framed oval shaped set of glasses  that sit on the higher part of his bridge to help him read.
-Other: He has a small tattoo on the inside of his right wrist in memory of a good friend of his. No one ever sees it due to his jacket sleeves or shirt sleeves.  

Teacher or Student: Teacher [Headmaster] 
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[First Profile: Meister:] 

Name: Johji Hikumaru
Nickname: Joe, Maru, and Hiki

Species: Three quarters humans, one quarter witch.

Age: Fifteen

Gender: Male 


[Sun Burst:] This ability allows Johji to create a small burst of energy, or light to momentarily blind his opponent. Whether it is to help flee, or to land his next attack, depends on what is going on. 

[Optical Illusion:] Depending on how to the lighting hits off of a certain object, he can cause it to look like a certain creature. It is a stronger ability so, it takes a lot of energy, and he can only do it when he absolutely trusts his partner.

[Speed of Light:] This enables Johji to move quickly, though this is his more common ability, he doesn't use it all the time. Mostly to dodge, or to finish his opponent quickly. Though he can only use it a couple time during a battle because it will make his muscles hurt after a while, and over all slowing his movements. 

Class: E. A. T. 

Johji is kind of shy when you first meet him, but he is really sweet when you get to know him. He can be rather protective of the people he cares for, but that is one of his strengths, but also a weakness. 
People say that he becomes overly attached to people. The reason for this is because, he would risk his life for his friends. He would risk his life for anyone, if it meant making that person smile, or making sure that person can live on. 
Johji is also an animal lover. He has a cabbit (half cat half rabbit), Maxi, to whom he loves dearly. He will also take in almost any animal if it means that he is saving their life, or if they have no where else to live. 

When Johji was younger, he would always be made fun of for having two different coloured eyes, and for being too "sensitive". People would call him a cry baby, because he would cry if he got yelled at, or if he couldn't make someone happy. He understood why they called him that, but he didn't like it. Who would?
Then his parents died, it was a hard time for him because it was his Godfather who killed them. Someone he trusted, and with being bullied, it was just to much for the young boy to handle.  
So Johji packed up his things, or at least the few things he would need, and he left. He wrote a letter to his brother who lived in Death City that he would be travelling to the Unknown City, and asked if it would be possible that he could live with him. 
Now Johji lives with his brother and is rather happy with his new life. He is attending the DWMA, as a student, and learning how to control his abilities. 


-Hair Style: Shaggy, bed ridden hair that just reached his shoulders. 
-Hair Colour: Bleach blond, with sandy blond low lights.

-Eye Colour: Right Eye: Crimson red. Left Eye: Deep green that is almost black. 

-Skin Tone: Slight tanned though he is fairly pale.

-Build: Thin, he has little to no muscle, or at least that is what it looks like.

-Height: 5'6 1/2''

-Weight: 115 lbs. 

-Other: He has a small sun tattoo on the right side of his neck. It is done in all black. He also has a small amount of freckles that cover his nose, though they are rather light. 

Student it Teacher: Student
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