September 28, 2014

Fallout Equestria
Honest Souls

This is the story of Nightwake, a young mare searching for happiness in a wasteland that wants nothing more than to kill her off. She travails across the wasteland, seeing things and hearing things. Her story takes place about the same time Littlepip's adventure takes place. She hears tales of the Stable dwellers adventure. Inspired by Fallout Equestria by KKat.
If you have not yet read KKat's story, this will make absolutely zero sen e to you. This book makes a shit ton of references to that book. Fallout Equestria is also one of the best FanFiction stories I have ever read. It probably the best book in general that I've ever read. Better than the hunger games. So you will enjoy it heavily. It's hard for me to get into a book, but I didn't sleep for the four weeks it took me to read it. Four weeks because I would have to reread whatever I read late at night. I drank so much coffee, it's ridiculous. So I know you'll love it. Thanks!

I was sitting down on the bed, listening to the radio waiting for my big brother to come back from trading. I was a little Filly at the time. I didn't even have my cutie mark yet. My parents had been killed just a couple years ago, and my brother was taking care of me. His mane was rust colored, and his coat was brown. He was kind and honest, but would do anything to protect me. We lived in a old house near the Manehatten ruins. It was two stories tall, with a basement. The glass was reinforced with wooden boards. Upstairs we had a bathroom and a bedroom. We slept togather in a large bed that was here when we got here. Another room, we used mainly as a safe room for if we were ever attacked. On the main floor, their was a small sitting room, where the stairs and door were. A doorway under the staircase led back to the kitchen, there was a table and three chairs, a stove that actually worked, and a fridge that still kept food cool. The table was wooden, with tall skinny legs, the fridge was a bit dented, and the stove was mostly intact. On the other side of the house, by the base of the staircase was an office. Solarflare used the desk as a place to work on weapons and armor. He always had a knack for that kind of stuff. By his desk was a door to the basement. Down there, Solarflare had storage for weapons and other junk he would bring back from scavenging. I didn't really go down there much, but when I went down there I saw a gunsafe in a small room, with iron bars in front. Solarflare always kept the key for that iron door inside a tin can in the corner of the room. I didn't actually know what was inside the gunsafe, but Solarflare told me not to go near it. The rest of the basement was one large room, with selves and footlockers where Solarflare put his stuff. In another corner their was a fuse box, Solarflare would sometimes use old scraps to repair it so that we could have electricity. From the outside, the house looked old and neglected. The paint was chipped mostly all the way off. The roof was old and in need of repair. It was just a rouse. Solarflare had worked hard on the inside so that the house wasn't leaky or cold. Just a glimpse from outside made most ponies turn around and leave. We were close to Tenpony tower, so it was safe for the most part. I had a nice life, and Solarflare was almost always in a good mood. Except for the couple of days when it was mom or dad's birthdays. Then we were both sad. Anyway, while I was listening to DJ pon3 the pipbuck on my forearm started beeping, the device plugged into it hummed softly. On the screen, it said 'data retrieved' and the beeping ended. My stomach tied up in a knot and I felt sick, Wondering why Solarflare would send my all of the data on his pipbuck to mine. My heart started beating so fast I was afraid it would burst. My breathing was shallow, I didn't want to lose my brother. I opened the note that was labeled 'to Nightwake' and listened as Solarflare's voice played.
"Hey little sis! I know your probably worried sick about me, but I'm not coming back. I'm sorry, but some raiders got their hands on me, I'm lucky that they put me in this cell and left to find more. Didn't even leave a guard. I don't know where I am, and I don't want you to try and find me. I know your a strong little filly, you can survive if you try hard. If I can escape, I'll come back for you. I'm sorry that it has to be this way. It's not my choice to leave you alone." He sighed loudly. "Be strong honey. Remember that you can trade with Tenpony tower. Stay away from canterlot at all costs. Scavenge in Manehatten when you can. I'm sure caravans will help you out. Try to let me go, don't dwell on the past. I know you can do it. Goodbye Nightwake." During the recording his voice was sad and raspy. I was broken, I spent the night curled up on the bed crying. Part of me died that night. Part of me became strong. I became a survivor. It was almost a week before I ate anything. Part of me wanted to die, but I wasn't ready to leave Equestria. I was going to find those responsible for the death of my family. My life was becoming hard, I didn't want to do anything. I mostly slept on my bed, or sat and stared at the wall.
It was a month before I actually left the house. I was heading over to Manehatten, when I noticed a little shack no walls, just a scrap floor and roof. The roof was held up by one skinny pillar. A filly with a brown mane and dark green coat was laying on a bedroll, crying. Suddenly the roof collapsed on her. I rushed over to her, she was about my age, didn't have her cutie mark ether. She was hurt, bleeding from a deep thrash on her back. Her dark green coat becoming mated with blood. My horn glowed a soft black gaze, her body being enveloped in the same black glow. I pulled her out from under the metal, than placed her limp body on my back. Quickly my dark gray coat was sticky with blood. I galloped towards Tenpony tower, carrying the green filly with all my strength. I made it to the security gate, where a guard asked me what business I had in Tenpony tower.
"I need to see Dr. Helpinghoof, it's an emergency! This little filly is gonna bleed out!" My young voice squeaked out.
"I see, head on in, I'll have a security guard escort you to him." The guard replied opening the gate. He seemed almost confused when he saw me, just a young filly, carrying this limp body on my back. The doc was more than happy to help me out, he didn't even charge me anything. After a couple hours, he brought back the young filly. She would be out for another hour or so. Than he sent me off, so I could let her get some rest. It felt like a much longer trek than it really was, she was heavy. Once I got to the door, I used my magic to levitate her up the stairs and put her in bed to recover. I silently closed the door and bathed myself to clean off the blood. Once I had gotten dry, I heard her stir in the bedroom. She sat up and looked at me as I walked in.
"Where am I? Who are you? What happened?" She asked quickly.
"I'm Nightwake, this is my house, and I saved your life after that old shack collapsed on you." I replied.
"Oh, well it's nice to meet you Night. I'm Pear." She was warming up to me quickly.
"Nice to meet you to. I guess." I said weakly.
"Who takes care of you?" She asked innocently.
"I live alone, my parents died a few years back, and I recently lost my brother." I was beginning to cry.
"My parents were killed by raiders a few days ago. I'm alone to." She got up and hugged me. I greeted her warm embrace and cried on her shoulder.
We lived together after that. We watched each other's backs, relied on each other to stay alive. It was a glorious friendship. After a while, I decided to try and brew some medical drugs to sell. I found a recipe on my pipbuck for something called chemical x. I had all the required ingredients so I tried it. After I brewed the first dose. I felt a strange tingling sensation on my flanks. I looked back and my cutie mark had shown up. It was a syringe.
After a while, I came to call the medical chemical x Med-x. I took a dose, and felt stronger, smarter, and more alert almost instantly. It was a pleasant sensation. I liked it. I continued to brew it, but also altered the ingredients. The original recipe called for one bottle of Sparkle~cola one tin of crushed mint-als and a special yellow, orange flower that grows in abundance near by. All these ingredients mixed together could make around fifteen doses when done correctly. Although there is a verdinat of Mint-als called Party Time Mint-als. If I use PTMs I can more than double the effects. I also tried using Sparkle~colaRAD instead of normal cola. It made the effects last longer. I tried to combine the effects and ended up getting extremely sick. I wasn't able to move for almost a full week. Pear was kind and didn't make me feel bad, but instead nursed me back to health. We grew up together, learning new skills. I learned how to pick locks and hack terminals, Pear learned some medical skills.
It had been years since we met. We had grown up together, learned together, and now we were both young mares. We had grown up, gotten taller, wider, stronger. We could do anything we wanted now. Pears looked at me, I could see the hurt in her eyes. Today was the day we buried her parents back when I first met her. Once a year she was quite and sad, remembering her family. Three times a year I went to bed and stayed there until the next day. We had forged a bond, closer than sisters.

sits at camp site You know, I feel really bad about how things went with bubblegum. I know I've somehow traveled to a different dimension and all that but... my thoughts trail off I feel like I've failed her. I had to kill her and split in the world because they became raiders. I just... tears begin to slide down my cheeks
my 'daughter' speaks up it's alright Nightwake. You don't have to worry about it. I'm sure it's all fine and good where ever you came from. *a twing of hope in her voice.

So role play is allowed?

hey i had though about this for a long time i think i,m going to use this comuntiy to help make a fallout eqestria book

Sigh stops and sites then looks up at the moon

Whispers "luna pleas guide his way"

then starts to make a camp   

so i finale got this thing to work on my pitbuck  hope to see some new ponys are ponys that don't want to kill ne
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