Any Mailchimp help is appreciated here. My RSS feed was supposed to go out this morning and didn't like it normally does on Fri. mornings at 11:00 am.. All day it has said "SENDING" next to the campaign. I made sure my website has a good connection with api and I even renewed the subscriber list on my website. I paused the campaign and changed it from weekly to daily and restarted it. It still says "SENDING". Omg. I am hoping it will go out tomorrow. Siteground said it is not on their end. I have g suites that is connected to it to send it out. Normally have never had a problem. The only thing that has changed in the last week is that I upgraded to the middle package "GROW BIG" at siteground. They say this is completely seamless without pointers changing. I also did a Mailchimp plugin update. I have tried contacting Mailchimp support but it will be iffy if they respond since I have the free package without support. lol. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much:)

Is there a way to retrieve a deleted list of subscribers??

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Hi there, I was trying to add a sign up form for a Facebook page and encountered this error while trying to integrate with MailChimp.

Tested the connection and is shows that MailChimp can access my Facebook profile. Any idea how to fix this error?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi everyone! I'm in the US and today MailChimp emailed to let us know they are coming out with tags! MailChimp has listened and is adding tags to help us segment lists clearly! This is rolling out in the next 2 weeks. I don't have them in my account yet. But I'm super excited they're coming. It will make MailChimp so much easier to understand!

When highlighting a string of text in a mail campaign, I need to know its attributes, i.e. what type of heading (h1, h2, h3, h4), its font name, and its font size, etc. But instead of displaying that information, the MC editor only shows the words "font", "size", and I forget what it says for the heading level, which is not very informative to say the least, as if you had not selected anything.

That makes it rather difficult to ensure things are the way you want it to be, particularly if you have defined default font names and sizes for different part of your text, and you want to verify that your defaults are being applied (I have issues in that area, hence this query).

What am I missing? Any editor I have used would correctly display that information, but apparently MC does not. How come? Is there a way to display it that I missed?



I am extremely surprised that the built-in spell checker in MailChimp does not have a way to add a word to the dictionary, like any self respecting spell checker. Am I missing something obvious? It's really annoying because the spell checker finds the same "bad" words at every campaign, even though they are correct.

Also, even if I click on Ignore All for a word, and switch to the next text block of the campaign, the spell checker will flag the same words again. Very frustrating.

Is there a way to do a global spell check across all text blocks? Not just one block at a time, which is extremely tedious (my campaigns typically have 8-10 text blocks).

If there is no current solution to the above, is MailChimp development aware? I have a free account so no access to support. Is there any other way to contact MailChimp other than Facebook or Twitter?



I am new to MailChimp (1 month) and after sending my first campaign, realized that my plain-text version was the old content of when I started editing my campaign.

I finally found the extremely well hidden button to regenerate the plain-text version, fine, but I was looking to have this done automatically for me before I send a campaign. I am sure I will forget to do it if it's not automatic.

In the previous email sending platform I was using (which shall remain nameless as it was so bad), there was an automatic setting. I have not found the equivalent in MailChimp, have not found anything in the KB when searching for "regenerate", and have not found anything when googling.

Is it at all possible? I have a free account if it matters, so no access to support.

If that feature doesn't exist, where can I submit a suggestion? I also didn't find a way to submit feature requests on the MailChimp website.

Thanks in advance.

Hi all!

I'm a GSuite add-on developer.

I have a number of ideas for GSuite add-ons (for Google Forms, Sheets, Docs, Drive) that integrate with Mailchimp but I'm not sure if there is a market for this kind of stuff.

Do members of this community often use the two platforms together? And if so in what ways do you do so? Describe your workflows that leverage both services and how do you think they can be optimized and/or automated.

Also, are there any other communities or forums I can check out to get a feel for potential demand?

For the past few days I've been getting >50 signups per hour, mostly from Russian addresses, almost certainly all of them fake. What does it benefit a spammer to join a mailchimp mailing list? And how can we put an end to it?

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Our #MailChimp Connector now support live search for your list ID, making adding ESP to your Facebook #messenger bot even quicker. #ChatFuel
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