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Hi to all, I hope this post will help the data crunching ppl.

"In order to ask and answer harder data questions on how well your email campaigns are performing or how they affect (or affected by) your sales, it is important to have an idea on the data you are looking at. That's why we wrote this companion for Mailchimp's Data Model, having in mind the marketers with an analyst's hat or anyone working with email marketing data." #data   #emailmarketing

Hi there, I would like to send each subscriber on my mailing list with a unique code/serial number. How can I go about doing it through merge tag? Thanks in advance! 

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I added a pop-up signup form to my blog on Blogger Platform. I'm amazed at how many subscribers I've had in such a few short months and I'm excite to do more with MailChimp. Hooray!

However, it was brought to my attention that some visitors are not able to close the sign-up pop-up to read an article. So, where do I go to make that change and what do I need to do?

I can't seem to figure it out using the MailChimp options. The help files seem to suggest that there is a CSS issue. I'm very inexperienced with CSS and could really use some help.  

I'm sharing my blog only so anyone willing to help will see what I'm talking about. 

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Hi, we have created a MailChimp account and have set up a campaign there. We intend to run a TEST email campaign to see whether the service is working fine. MailChimp allowed us to add recipients from a small list of our own employees. However, we are unable to send the test email as we keep getting an error message that reads: "Your account has one or more issues that need to be resolved. View issues", clicking which shows us Terms of service violation with no conclusive word about what terms we might be violating.

As mentioned earlier, all contacts are our own and not purchased. Please help us resolve this issue asap. Thank you.

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Hello! I wonder if someone can help. I'm trying to add the seemingly simple merge tag |FNAME| to our mailchimp newsletter, however I can't get it to work at all and there is no option to select it from the merge tags dropdown list (I can only select email address from member data). Each time I try to add a subscribers first name using the merge tag it does nothing, just stays as code. I have all subscribers first names in our list, so am not sure what the problem is. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Scott 

Hello to all and thank you for this community.
I am a web architect and I manage a new ambitious project, I hope will be possible to share some experiences with you about MialChimps.


Advice on unsubscribes please! Recently, our unsubscribes have more than doubled. Mailchimp claims this is because Unrollme, the newsletter unsubscribe program, is now activated with Mailchimp. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi there, I would like to send emails triggered by birthday and other dynamic information that are stored in a third party Point of Sale (POS) system. Does anybody have experience in integrating MailChimp with a third party? Thanks in advance! 

Hello MC Wizards,

I was wondering if someone could help me with an RSS Merge Tag conundrum. I'm trying to get the URL to my latest blog post to show up as a clickable link. However, the URL shows up just as text (the reason why I'm seeing terribly low click through rates).

Does anyone know how to format this properly? This is how I currently have my Merge Tags setup. Any ideas?




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