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Balloon or stamping inks:


Hardware & Findings: - replacement zipper pulls for repairs! - Garter Clips - Corsetry Notions

Laser cutting services:

Latex trim, tubing and valves.,showrub,1362367218-23388,e,1362367218-23388,latexverarbeitung,,,,.htm

Latex Sheeting:

Magnesium Silicate (pure talc):
(25 pounds of this is a big barrel)

Patterns:  -- RIP please try:

- - Useful spandex patterns for conversion:
Kwik-Sew Pattern #2108
Patternmaking in general:

Pattern Making tutorials:

Leggings -

Silicone Oil (Pure silicone for shine at a fraction of the cost of lube.)

Solvent Pump:
ESD pump bottle: (A pump bottle for your thinner when working on
larger projects, we'll talk more about this in the next class.
I have the ATE-40 Single Touch ESD Pump Dispenser which is the top
right product.)

Several tutorials -
A basic repair  -
Flowers  -
Flowers  -
Fashion-Incubator -


A list of latex crafts people for hire is here. (Feel free to add your name) -

Please feel free to comment to add links!

hi everyone I've been trying to add a zip to a latex dress but the zip doesn't to want to stick. I did follow the latex Jim video on you tube any help would be appreciated thank you 

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How would you go about making a latex cape that's yellow on the inside and black on the outside? (I previously made a red and black one, but that was easy since MJ Trends sells red/black two sided sheet. But not yellow/black.)

If money were no object, I'd just get custom sheet, but a full cape is over 5 yards of latex...

The most obvious answer is two layers, yellow and black.

Or make the cape in either color and paint the other with liquid latex or Plasti-Dip.

But I'd love to hear any other ideas.

Wow now all of the sudden it seems hard to get ahold of any rubber cement. Amazon has it on backorder and a few other places are either out of stock too or international.

Is there anywhere in the US to get rubber cement nowadays? I mean solvent-based of course, not ammonia based.

At least I assume I've been using solvent-based (Best Test) up until now.

Does anyone here have a good pattern for a hood, or know where to find one? So far I've only found patterns for leather hoods, and those do not seem all that appropriate for latex. I've tried making my own pattern, and while the result is decent, it's not really up to my standards.

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Finaly finished my latex dress
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Just bought some latex sheeting to make a catsuit, I've never made one before any help would be appreciated thanks. I've made a jumper and leggings before I was going to stick the templates together to make a catsuit lol 

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Opinions wanted... if you were going to make a steampunk mad scientist's lab coat in latex, what color would you make it? Classic white? Brown? Gray? Olive drab? ... Thoughts?

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Hey all, my Latex Ariel take 3 was just in time for Halloween.
The bra is the same as the one I made earlier in the year (it's held up, I'm surrprised) but as you know the original pencil skirt ripped and then I also got shots with a spandex mermaid tail.

So take 3 , I decided to buy some green glitter latex from Yummy gummy and I made a cute double circle skirt with it. pretty happy with how it turned out =) 

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Hi guys! I have a lot of new stuff to show you. Starting, this my Miranda Lawson new catsuit, made in 0.4 black gauge and 0.38 metallic honey! Hope you like it (it also turned better than the first)

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