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Me singing If you don't know 😂

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I loved madly from our first meeting
I thought that love is greater than time
And stronger than days
The roughest Nights
This is a story my addiction
Love potion
And addiction to death
He pulled me to my soul
She lived between your ribs
I loved you I was welling up sweeping
Egerffine power to you
Forcefully and mercilessly
I love to love you Vodment
Suffer and rejoice at the same time
Aalitk you sea
To throw myself in the depths of your heart
That flooded and die in Ahachaik
I love you in spite of my nose
I love you with all Halaty
To Tjerdina of
My heart and my eyes and pulsing
And all my senses
Taatrkin to my bones
Then Sthdzq my bones your love
Planted the
Chiselled out
"I love all the violence."
: I love you to the extent of the revolution. "
"I love you to the point of insanity"
I love you and I know you also love to Athabayna
I love my home and I chose my grave heart ❤
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BOY 1: Is she smiling?
BOY 2: Yeah. She's smiling.
BOY 1: Oh...
BOY 2: Don't let that fool you.
BOY 1: Why?
BOY 2: Just look into her eyes. She's breaking inside.

"They say suicide isn't an option..... But they never give you a different one..." - anonymous
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