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#引き寄せの法則 #引き寄せ #人生 #夢 #ポジティブ #夢を叶える #思考 #現実化 
With My love of life Tomoko!
Do not stop now!! Continue to work on yourself and your dream. Do not look for others to hold your heart, take your hand or have your back. You are responsible for your own life and for creating your own path. Commit to move out of your own way. Stop procrastinating or waiting for someone to rescue you.

Be clear about who you can count on and who you must count out. Make adjustments and surround yourself with positive energy, people and thoughts. Great things take time, effort and sacrifice!! Keep looking up and moving forward with the end in mind.

You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!!

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Loving the book..
Helping me a lot. 

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This is as it says, a list of 157 irregular verbs in English. This is a complimentary post to an Anki deck I posted recently (link to that in the article)

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I created a deck to study irregular verbs in English and here is a post with the link to it and a guide on how to create the same looking cards as I have.
I created one since the only ones I could find were either smaller or with translations into other languages. This deck is English only.

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Interview with Charles who is studying Japanese for 10 years already.

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I made a post explaining what polite language is and how English, Dutch and Japanese differ in it.

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First of the two sets of katakana. A-DO has a couple of tricky kana in it.

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Did a blog post on my Japanese blog, talked a bit about what was popular during June and what I'll be doing this month.

Hint: people love it when I talk about difficult stuff.

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I'm taking the week off blogging and here is why.
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