i feel so lonely, i wish i didnt get rejected so often i would ask one guy and then a bunch, im tired of it, what should i do

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I can help with many things in this world (pic 1)
Whether it's having to help you through life when people make fun of your sexuallity (pic 2)
I can help with food problems (pic 3)
And I can help with disorder problems (pic 4)
All I need to do is tell you that I have no idea.
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i am using a new account because my old account was hacked, is there any way you guys can put me back on moderater status?

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There's much more truth that you are blind to.....

Open ur soul

Okay im back for now guys

Hey guys good evening from Shanghai
I really like the atmosphere here and dunno why just wanna say it
My name.. Elaine or Yuyuan
Today's positivity: Keep laughing and you'll find you are really laughing that you cant stop==tried and succeeded. Be sure you laugh with all your heart.
Gotta go to bed :/
Good night then

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Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken,,, maybe it's about starting over and creating somthing better....

What's up im Bradley but i prefer Brad. Im not a very depressed person but i hate seeing other people being depressed and suffering so i joined this community to help on out with that with a good laugh. The thing im the best at is making people laugh so if your felling depressed or your just bored just send me a chat request and ill do my best to make you laugh off the bed

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That moment when you throw the knife away and you quit at once

Just forgot something to say i have multiple personalities what i can control i taked a few year but since im 7 i can do it and now i even know how to make more so you have a big change that i have the right personality in me
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