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For everyone who remembers the bacon conversation

Sound system update, for the curious: Rapture is back online, with a new micro mixing board and fresh amplifier.  There was a buzz being caused by a faulty connection in one of the half dozen cables involved, but I've isolated it and found a way to nullify it with the existing equipment for now.

A few of you wonderful people have expressed interest in my set last night, so let me share it with you:
1) Nina Simone, "Feelin' Good"
2) ZZ Top, "Heartache in Blue"
3) Peggy Lee, "Fever"
4) Gotye, "Somebody I used to Know"
5) ZZ Top, "Jesus just left Chicago"
6) Meghan Trainor, "All About that Bass"
7) David Essex, "Rock On"
8) Marian Hill, "One Time"
9) Nouvelle Vague "Dancin with Myself"
10) Nina Simone, "I Put a Spell on You"
11) Blue Foundation, "Eyes on Fire"
12) Nancy Sinatra, "Bang Bang"
13) Handsome Boy Modeling School, "I've Been Thinking"
14) Blues Hip Hop Instrumentals
15) Zero-7, "In The Waiting Line"
When I get some more time I'll try to post up Youtube links or publish a Spotify playlist too.

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Our Brazilian Zouk demo last week, steps from Impr &Int classes, song is Ed Sheeran, enjoy and see you this Saturday for some more!#Dance

Hey, if anyone wants to give me a lift to Kavarna tomorrow night for April Shower blues I would be happy to  contribute gas money! 

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does not compute!!!! I am not worthy!!!!

Beth and I are teaching at Last Call Blues in Atlanta this Saturday!  Come learn and dance with us!

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So, this looks exciting to me...Ruth and Mike are collaborating with some folks on a possible new fusion event. The link goes to a survey on what would be of interest to the general public. 

The Amazing UK singer Lifford Shillingford (vocalist for Artful Dodger) singing #Adorn #Miguel Saturday at #FIX London's biggest #Brazilian #Zouk #Lambada night Lifford Shillingford Show at FIX London Brazilian Social Dance ! Beautiful!

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