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Name: Zach Tolo

Age: 23

Rank: Inquisitor

Faction: Galactic Empire/Rebellion

Weapons: Red Lightsaber

Ship:Tie Fighter

Force Sensitivity: Medium

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Personality: Cruel, evil, mysterious,

Homeworld: Courasant

Bio: Born In Courasant he was dropped off at the jedi temple at a young age and learned quick he became friends with a young girl elsa and then order 66 happened and he attempted to find Elsa but when he couldn't he hid in the councils room and then was found by Anakin Skywalker they faught for a bit and then was seduced to the dark side and carries out every order for his Lord 
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Name: Thalo Cinn

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Species: Human

Home planet: Axxila

Hair: Black Cesar

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark brown

Height: 6'8

Weight: 189 pounds

Faction: Rogue

Rank: Commander

Skills: Melee, Lightsaber dueling "The Dark Rift"

Weapons: Double bladed lightsaber (Red)

Armor: Sith robes with armor plating underneath

Personality: Has no patience for anyone and will slice droids in a second if they do not give the field report right away.

Bio: Thalo grow up on the snowy outer rim world of Axxila, life was normal for him till his village was attacked by droids. In the attack, his whole family was killed and the only thing that saved his was him crushing the droids with the force. Once this happened the surrounding droids left him and went on with the attack, an old man came up to him and told him his powers with the force were very unique and with training his powers could become more than he ever an imagined. Of course with the death of his family he turned down the offer, it was when he was 13 his mind started to think about it, republic supplies had always come in even after the attacks on his planet. One day he took it on himself to go to the supply point and pick up some rations, the thing was, no republic ships had come for days but today the CIS had come.
With a couple of years to move on from what happened to him as a little child he no longer had an anger for the CIS or their droids, now that day CIS supply ships had dropped off tons of rations, energy cells and even medicine and the people were able to take whatever they needed. But during this Thalo was stopped again by this old man how said to him "your powers are too strong for this place boy, come with me and all of your hopes and dreams will come true". Thalo remembered the old man, but this time he was way meaner and had a loud tone for his age, not knowing what he meant Thalo went, thinking that if he didn't go then the droids would turn on him and shoot him in the back. The old man took him to a CIS dreadnought and told him his training would begin here, the dreadnought took off with Thalo and the old man inside and that is where his days as a sith began.
The CIS dreadnought had stopped in wild space and the old man that brought Thalo aboard had told him stories about warriors that have the same powers as Thalo. The thing was the stories told were about the Sith, the old man explained how the Sith were once a great power in the galaxy and they brought power and order to their empire. Then he told Thalo that this empire was brought down by other force users how would want to use the power for nothing but meditation and called them selfs "Jedi". The old man began to teach Thalo the powers of the dark side by making him move large rocks around and throwing them into others. But that was only the beginning to his training, once Thalo was 16 he was moved to a different ship with droids that could use blades that could kill him.
Here he would learn different fighting styles with a normal blade, Thalo's choice of blades was a double edged blade since it would get the job down faster and he could take out more than one target at once. Training here was hard, every day the droid's programming got harder and started to have a choice of its attacks, Thalo did not find this as a challenge since he could just use the force to crush the droids and move them aside. Finally, after training in this ship with many cuts in his body he was now going to get a Crystal for his double-bladed lightsaber he had already constructed, now he would make a step up in becoming a sith.
Once he was dropped off he walk into the cave and shortly after encountered his Crystal, it called for him, and Thalo could feel its powers get strong as he walked to it. Once he had grabbed it and turned around, he had seen his family blocking the exit. Remembering what the old man said about seeing things in the cave Thalo didn't think right for a second and thought his family really did come back to speak with him. Thalo was standing there watching his family looking back at him, but then the whole cave turned red and Thalo's family surround by darkness. Thalo wanted to help his family but to become a sith he most have watched his family be killed over and over again, but this time it wasn't droids, but Jedi knights slash at his family. He's anger rows and he charged at the knights, he was able to force chock a knight and push another away before killing a family. He stood there in tears and wished he could have done something to save them, then with that he left the cave and back into a transport ship, from that point on he no longer was the same Thalo he used to be.
Thalo had become 30 once the clone wars began since then his hate for Jedis was on the rise, his leadership skills were also on par. He had learned many tactics on both a holo battlefield and a holo-pad when he was younger. Then when the war came to a close as the Republic became the Galactic Empire a new system was discovered with a habitable planet that is home to a metahuman race. His orders now are to watch and observe these metahumans before a decision is made to go on the offensive and take the planet for the empire.

Zach Was Preparing to go down to earth when ... entered his room

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